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Jul 25, 2012 01:39 PM

Quebec City-Moderately priced places for solo traveller

I'm going to be in QC for 2 1/2 days, and apart from gathering some general suggestion from other threads on affordable places in QC, I have a few specific questions:

I'm planning to eat like they do in Spain: a big lunch, and a late dinner with something lighter. I haven't found much discussion (yet) of good places with prix fixe menus: what are some good moderately priced options for lunch with prix fixe?

Also, for dinners, I would prefer a bistro or other place with bar seating (where I can get appetizers or sandwiches or something light). Any good recommendations? Do you just walk into a place and ask to sit at the bar?


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  1. I'm not familiar with the "Prix fixe" concept, is it kind of like "all you can eat buffet"?

    Either way, will you be in Quebec on weekdays? A lot of restaurants have lunch special on weekdays, so you can eat well for much cheaper than at night.

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      Oops, I think I used the wrong term here, not very familiar with French terminology. I was referring to what they call "menu del día" in Spain and (I think) table d'hote in France-where you get a several course meal (appetizer, main, dessert) for a fixed price.

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        For prix fixe lunch one of the best is Le Pain Beni on Ste-Anne, can also try le Buffet de l'Antiquaire on St-Paul street

      2. re: dominiquep

        prix fixe is known as "Table d'Hote" (entrée, plat principal, dessert).

      3. If that solo traveler would like a cold salad meal in summertime I recommend Le Commensal (there are several branches, see online or phone directory). Le Commensal is actually a vegetarian restaurant but the way it is set up there is a hot buffet and a cold buffet, you take what you want and they weigh your plate, price is modest. Even if you not a vegetarian (as I am not) the cold buffet is actually an elaborate salad bar with many many many selections to make a plate of salads that is a meal. Le Commensal has a website.

        1. Addendum to my previous post: I just looked and I see that Le Commensal has several websites. Google "le commensal montreal" and then go to the French website headed "Pret a Bien Manger" to see a picture of the salad bar.