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Jul 25, 2012 01:31 PM

Dog friendly places

Can anyone suggest some dog friendly restaurants with good food in Santa Monica or Venice (preferably close to the beach).

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  1. It's not Michelin-rated or anything, the the French Market Cafe on Abbot Kinney had a respectable breakfast/lunch, and was extremely dog friendly last time we were there. Not close to the beach though.

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    1. re: Faulkner99

      haven't been there in years, but remember having an extremely good ratatouille there.

      1. re: westsidegal

        Their French offerings (as opposed to the Americanized ones) all seemed like good bets.

    2. I think every restaurant on the Venice boardwalk is dog-friendly. That strip seems more like a kennel than a boardwalk sometimes.

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      1. LA County recently lightened up on their rules on eateries and dogs. As long as the restaurant has an outdoor dining area that can be accessed separately without having to enter the restaurant itself, the restaurant has the option to allow dogs in the outdoor dining area.

        The vast majority of places with outdoor areas in dog-friendly neighborhoods were already bending the rules by allowing patrons to have the dogs either just on the other side of the perimeter or even under the tables along the perimeter as long as the pooches were small/well-behaved.

        3 Square on Abbot Kinney has always been sympathetic to dogs. But the one place that has more dogs per square foot doesn't even have a designated eating area - Gjelina Take Away. Customers either sit on milk creates or stand while eating in a small shaded setback that used to be a driveway. It's quite communal particularly among fellow dog owners.

        Closer to the beach would be Rose Cafe on Rose Ave and Sauce on Hampton.

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          I know 3rd Street Promenade is very dog friendly, though I have not been in several months. In the past, I always needed to keep the dog on the other side of the patio partition, so we needed to wait for a table along the edges. If the rules have lightened up, as bulavinka above suggests, there should be a number of options there.

          1. re: ocshooter

            The codes were relaxed, but of course it's up to each business to decide whether or not to allow dogs in the outdoor areas that meet the revised code.

        2. The Enterprise Fish Co. Between Venice and S.M. Has a patio that allows dogs. I also have to add that their food has improved. They serve 1$ oysters at happy hour and 2lb lobsters for $30. Service was good. Oysters were fresh and tasty. One block from the beach