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Jul 25, 2012 01:22 PM

Lasagna by the Pan - Would you Choose Angelini Osteria or Mozza?

I'm planning on ordering an entire lasagna for a family function (would order uncooked / frozen since we are traveling and bake on location). Prices for the two are about the same. Unfortunately I haven't had either lasagna and won't have time to go test them ... for those that have had both which do you prefer? Other recs welcome ...

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  1. I would order from Joans on Third or Clementine for what may amount to half the cost.

    1. Mozza for a very different flavor profile. Its green.

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        The lasagna at AO is no slouch either (and has plenty of green):

      2. I enjoy them both tremendously. I order Mario's lasange from Mozza2Go with some frequency. It travels well. I think that Angelini's lasagne verde has the edge by a hair (the presentation with the crispy spinach leaves is wonderful), but I've only consumed it at the restaurant.

        1. I had the Sunday night special lasagna at Pizzeria Mozza and it was incredible -- rich, tender, delicious. But it was also a tiny portion, maybe about 4 by 1 inch, and expensive, $20 or more. Now it was so good that my bite or two was wonderful and satisfying. But feeding a group and reheating it? Not sure it is worth it unless cost is no object.

          Haven't tried Angelini's. I'd say try Bay Cities -- they do a meat or a veggie and it would be a lot more food at a fraction of the cost, and more important it would probably withstand reheating much better.

          1. While I *always* love to save some dough I was looking for something with a bit more of a 'special factor since it is for family coming into town for my wedding (not the actual wedding but a few days before). You are right though, who knows how they will hold up. AO said they would prepare it uncooked with directions which I thought could help...