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Jul 25, 2012 01:09 PM

"Chinese" Restaurants in Yeg without dual menus

Dual menus is the battle we Gweilos who want to taste "authentic" "Chinese" food must endure. I sometimes order "blind" from the group dinners described in the menu only in Chinese just to try new things.

Do you know restaurants where this is not a problem? Here are some of my choices:

We usually go to the Saiwoo Gardens, known to its regulars simply as the Saiwoo ( accross from the Pagolac) which is a popular Cantonese place open for dinner only until the wee hours. They have an extensive English menu which includes what we think are "authentic" dishes because we have seen them in other tables being eaten by obviously Oriental families ( the first two pages have "western chinese dishes" like chicken balls in day-glo sauce for patrons that are looking for that type of food). And sometimes we order off the menu ( e.g. seasonal vegetables) So we think we know enough to get mostly authentic food (also having eaten Chinese in Vancouver and Richmond).

I have also have heard good things about the Old Szechuan on 107 Ave and 102 Street in terms of regional authenticity.

Then there is the Happy Garden,6525 111 Street, one of the pioneers of "Mongolian " and Northern Chinese food in Edmonton, whose grungy decor needed renovation already 35 years ago when it first opened. It still has devotees for classics such a Mu Shoo pork, green onion cakes, Szechuan beef etc.

There is also authentic Shanghai style food at Shanghai 456, Building 18, 49 Airport Road, , a family run restaurant that serves also the flying club at the Municipal airport with western popular dishes and sandwiches

Lastly, there are places where they serve simple fare and do not discriminate if you order something from the menu, such as Delicious Delicious on Stony Plain and 155 Street ,or the Hong Kong Bakery, or BBQ King on 97th street (BBQ meats on rice)

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  1. I am a big fan of Happy Garden. There are generous portions at good prices and the food is good. Whenever I order something like Szechuan beef there, I am always amazed that no matter how much we eat, the serving never seems to deplete!

    I will agree about the decor, but will add my own disclaimer that it is a tired grungy and not a dirty grungy.

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      Thank you for the clarification aasg.

    2. Golden Rice Bowl has the same menu with both English and Chinese on it. You just have to avoid the Canadianized dishes (although their lemon chicken is actually pretty good).

      I believe that Jumbo, Wok and Roll and Spicy Garden also uses the same menu for both languages.

      Where I usually have issues is with the specials menu because those are usually exclusively in Chinese and servers generally don't want to bother explaining them to you.

      The easiest way to tell if you are getting the "wrong" menu is if you are handed something that has only English on it. Then you know for sure that there is a separate Chinese menu. I had that happen to me at the north end Good Buddy when I spoke English instead of Cantonese to the hostess.

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        I think Good Buddy South has combined their menus now. There used to be a separate English menu of their Chinese food, but I think it is now combined with their Canadian-Chinese menu with their Chinese. I am trying to remember from the last time I was there.

        The first time I went there I was handed the Canadian menu, but luckily I had seen the English Chinese menu online so knew it existed and was able to get it. Unlike many restaurants that don't have an English version of their Chinese menu.

        I'm glad this thread got started as I will have to check out some of the suggestions here. At some restaurants I've come close a few times to just telling the waitress to bring me the exact same meal that the Chinese family at the nest table over has ordered.

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          North and south Good Buddy are run differently and the service isn't the same. (May even have some different menu items but I don't quite remember.)

          Pointing at other tables always works, in my opinion. It can also help some confusion if your server speaks some English.