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Jul 25, 2012 12:46 PM

How do I prepare packaged tofu puffs/deep-fried tofu squares?

I bought a small package of deep-fried tofu squares today, but there are no instructions for preparing them. Should I bake them? Dry fry them? They appear to have already been deep-fried.

In case it matters, I bought that at the Canadian Superstore in Richmond, BC. The package says, "Mandarin Soyfoods Deep Fried Tofu".

Thanks for any advice!

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  1. What does the tofu look like? Is it cubed or in thin squares? The cubes can be dipped into sauce (Thai sweet chili anyone?) like a chip, heated in a light sauce (i.e. agedashi tofu) or served in a soup. You could also sub it for chicken in a General Tso's or sesame chicken stir fry recipe, but you should be aware that it is really absorbent; sauces don't coat it like chicken. The thin slices can be served similarly, but should also readily open up like a pocket pita and can be stuffed with vegetables, rice or even cheese and served in soup. Googling aburaage or atsuage will give you more ideas.

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      You guys are fast!

      The tofu is in cubes about one inch square. They are golden-coloured, so they appear to be already deep-fried. I was just looking for a way to heat them up, but now that I've read your replies, I have even more ideas for how to use them. I love the idea of slicing them and adding them to a stir fry. Thanks!

    2. You could also slice them up and use in a stir-fry; just put them in at the end to heat up, since they don't need to actually be cooked.

      I'm a pretty low-rent "cook" so I'd probably microwave them and eat with steamed veggies or wilted spinach, over rice, maybe with some Sriracha or whatever your sauce of choice might be.

      One last suggestion would be to use in a breakfast scramble.

      1. I buy those here in Seattle. They are already cooked so you just want to heat them up. So if you are making a stir fry, just throw them in at the last minute; if you are dipping them in something you can microwave them, etc etc. They will overcook and become not so great if you heat them too long.

        1. Make mini inarizushi, of course!

          1. i buy them to make inari sushi. first wash them in hot water. a very important step to get the excessive oils off the surface. then toss some sugar, mirin, shoyu in a pot with aburage aka fried tofu squares. cook until sauce is absorbed. cool down and the you can cut it open and stuff with sushi rice. enjoy!

            you can also save then and cut then into slices and mix with sushi rice, cooked hijiki, and edamame to make party sushi rice.