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Jul 25, 2012 12:35 PM

Best place in the area to buy exotic/specialty fruits and vegetables

Good afternoon everyone- I am an amateur cook who is working on a cookbook project that involves a fair amount of specialty produce. (Things like micro greens, edible flowers, wide assortment of mushrooms, etc). Does anyone know of a great place to find these things in the area? Or on the flip side does anyone know if LA Specialty Produce or Aztec Specialty Produce will sell to me as an individual (and not a restaurant/business)? Thank you in advance for any help! Cheers- Justin

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  1. AJ's Fine Foods stores carry most gourmet produce items like that.

    1. Lee Lee International Supermarket in Chandler has a lot of specialty produce.

      1. Thank you for the help. Does anyone have any info on Aztec or LA Specialty Produce? I havent been able to get them to call or email me back.

        1. I would love to find such a place but don't think there is anything, at least on the retail side, in the Valley. You can find some things at Whole Foods, and sometimes at farmers' markets. As for LeeLee, they do carry interesting Asian greens and vegetables, but I've never seen micro greens, edible flowers, etc.

          1. I went to a farmer's market in Old Town Scottsdale on a recent trip and saw some guy selling edible flowers. There were a lot of interesting fruits and vegetables but nothing too out of the ordinary, but then I wasn't really paying attention since I was only visiting and just happened upon it. It's worth the visit to see who's selling what in your backyard!