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Jul 25, 2012 12:21 PM

The very strongest mint, on ice?

I've been craving very strong (stronger than starlight, mint puffs, altoids, or typical peppermint patties) peppermint flavor. You know, the kind that is bitter first and then inescapably icy cold! Supernaturally strong! Any suggestions from candy to cocktails?

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  1. Back in the day my mother would always have little vial of spearmint oil in the cupboard for candy making and whatever else you use mint oil for. (Frankly I don't ever remember her actually using the stuff.)

    I used to dip wooden toothpick into the stuff to make my own mint flavored tooth picks. The stuff is bracing - enough so that I think it comes with warning labels to keep it away from your eyes.

    You can usually find the stuff in the health food section of most grocery stores or in the spice/baking aisle.

    I would grab a vial and use some in a Mojito or a Mint Julep. Or just slip a bottle into your pocket and take it with you to your favorite house of libation and slip a drop or two into their version of the drinks.

    1. This won't sound very classy, but last year I was going to a BBQ on a 100 degree day and swung by my liquor store for advice on something cooling. He sold me a super-ice schnapps. It was more than the regular peppermint and he said that served chilled, it could freeze us all. We polished off two bottles and I swore it gave us the chills.

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      1. Suck on some Ice Breakers mints, peppermint flavor and then take a drink of ice water while they're still in your mouth.

        Holy Brain Freeze, Batman!