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Jul 25, 2012 12:13 PM

Getting married and Spending a week in Paris!


We are getting married in Paris this October and we are so grateful that our immediate family and some of our closest friends will be joining. We will have 9 people in total for the 6 days which is making it very difficult to make restaurant reservations for such a large number of people.

Our current hopes for dining are as follows.

Day 1: Dinner: Café Constant or Café des Musees

Day 2: Dinner: This is the day we are hoping to have a “Pre-Wedding” dinner {or rehearsal dinner} however I am having trouble on finding a place. We are looking to spend around 100 euros per person. Recommendations have been Les Ombres, Verjus, Frenchie, {which I doubt we can book} Chez Julien and Mini Palais. Does anyone have any recommendations to narrow that list or add to it?

Day 3: Wedding and Reception

Day 4: Day Trip out of Paris

Day 5: Day Trip to Versailles, Dinner: Chez l’Amis Jean

Day 6: Dinner: Septime or Josephine “Chez Dumonet”

Day 7: Dinner: Le Cinq

I have read over 50 other posts and this is what I have narrowed it down to. I would be so grateful for any help or recommendations where we have “or”.

Also, can anyone say whether Le Cinq or Les Ambassadeurs is better?

Thank you for your help!

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  1. First of all, congratulations.
    For Day 2, could you tell us the day of the week. It makes a huge diff if it is a weekday or weekend.
    Two casual and charming places that are nice for a group are:
    - Dans Les Landes, with one of the tables communales. The ambiance tends to be boisterous and somewhat hipsterish, very good food though.
    - Les Papills, which has a nice basement room for a group.
    Maceo is also a nice choice for groups. Less casual than the above. If I understand, post-rehearsable dinners tend to be more casual ma non troppo.
    Les Paipilles
    Congratulations again. Even if you will be busy, try to remember to report back please.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Thank you for your lovely suggestions! I will surely look into them.
      I apologize for not mentioning. Day 2 is a Monday.
      I will definitely report back! :)

      1. re: bowtiesandlilly

        Back to the drawing board.
        Most restos won't be open but Dans Les Landes will be. Food-wise it delivers. But what kind of ambiance do you want. As I explained DlL is casual and hipsterish.
        When we at Dans Les Landes last, we squatted corner of a big table that was occupied by a big bday party. Everybody had a great time. The food -southwestern French and Basque-y - was wonderful.

        1. re: Parigi

          Maceo is open Mondays, and has a lovely private room that would be perfect for your "Pre-Wedding" Dinner.

    2. While Le Cinq and Les Ambassadeurs are both in stunning hotels, both have great flowers, and the tables where you are seated are enormous, the similarity ends there.
      l have eaten at Les Ambassadeurs recently twice and while one item each trip was standup and applaud wonderful, everything else was barely ok.
      The service at Le Cinq is so good that they will do whatever it takes to ensure you will have a great memory. Regardless of what you ask them, it will be done and happily.

      l will admit that while a block from my flat, l am not a Septime fan. At Josephine watch they give you the wine you order and you will have a great time.

      If you need a nine top at L'Ami Jean, reserve as soon as you can as small room.

      l would not take a free meal at Les Ombres, worst meal ever in Europe in my life.

      1. Day 6. While I love Septime, I would worry that, because it has a very specific cuisine and vibe, it might not be suitable for party of 9. I find group meals usually require compromises to make sure that everyone's particular tastes and preferences are taken into account. In this respect Joséphine-Chez Dumonet is probably the better choice. But oops, is day 6 a Saturday or Sunday (Joséphine's days off)? If so, maybe Terroir Parisien might fit the bill.

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        1. re: Parnassien

          Thank you Parnassien! That is definitely something we were concerned with having that large of a party and very different tastes! Thanks for all of your help!

        2. 9 people at Cafe Constant.......Good Luck! You do know this tiny bistro doesn't take reservations?

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            Personally, I would go with Josephine over Septime, and it looks like that day is a Friday (if the rehearsal dinner is a Monday and I can count!) so it should work. I'd do cafe Musees over Cafe Constant and I think they will take a reservation, especially for 9 people.

            I second Maceo for the rehearsal dinner. Lovely ambiance, good food and excellent service. Here's a link to their website:

            1. re: plafield

              Thank you so much for your wonderful advice! We will definitely try to make a reservation at Josephine and Cafe Musees instead! Also, we have contacted the Maceo. Thank you again!