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Jul 25, 2012 11:41 AM

Indonesian Food via Cinq a Sept at Quince

For those of us impatient to eat at Quince Bistro's quarterly rijstaffel, be aware that Quince Bistro offers a Cinq a Sept Mon to Fri, 5PM to 7PM, with Indonesian apps and beers.

I have no commercial interest in Quince.

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  1. Just back from Quince. The modest prices ($5) also apply to beers, wines, and sangria. We had one each of the five apps, a sort mini-rijstaffel.

    Chicken sate
    Shrimp sambal
    Rempeh (beef coconut balls)
    Sambal daging (crispy tamarind lamb)
    Dutch poutine (spicy braised beef, peanut sauce, Monforte cheese curd).

    Well worth the trip, and price. We had seconds on poutine and lamb, plus three beers, for $56.50 (plus tip).for two. If you want veggies, there are sides available, including rapini,

    1. For those of us who can wait, Novotel Vaughan will serve special Indonesian dinner on Aug 25.

      Details can be found at the Indonesian consulate at

      I have no commercial interest in Novotel or association with the Indonesian consulate.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Is there an "end date" for this? I have been trying to get to it since I saw the announcement last week and work and life keep getting in the way. Mr. Vuitton and I are trying *again* next week

          1. re: CocoaChanel

            I have not heard or any end date...I always phone anyway, just to make sure...

        2. Quince now says the promotion will end at the end of September, lotsa time left for an initial visit, little time left for a repeat...