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Jul 25, 2012 11:26 AM

Weekend in Milwaukee......where should we eat??

Hello! We will be spending a weekend in Milwaukee in October and would like some good suggestions on where to eat. Would really like to try something unique to the area. Already planning on going to the Milwaukee Public Market and we are staying in Downtown. Thanks!!!

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  1. Can you give us a little information on where you are visiting from, what you particularly like, what you dont like, etc? Even considering Milwaukee traditions like a Friday night fish fry, cream puffs from State Fair [long over by October], and custard, 'unique' is a relative term.

    For example, Milwaukee has some really excellent Mexican restaurants, but if you are coming from a place with a vibrant Mexican community, you likely wouldnt be interested.

    But a stop at Milwaukee Public Market is a great way to spend an afternoon grazing.


      Fantastic place, very unique to Milwaukee, and everything is delicious, and they have $5 polish 22oz bombers even for the 9% beers, which is almost cheaper than you can buy them at the store - I liked the Black Boss (just the name is awesome)

      1. I suggest checking out the recommendations in this topic:

        What is the Milwaukee Experience? -

        1. I'm not a fan of German food which is what many people think of as Milwaukee food. I think there are some great restaurants in the Third Ward area, and since you already plan to go there to visit the Public Market (great idea), I'd suggest you wander down Broadway or Water Streets and check out the options. The whole area might be considered "unique" to the area?

          Also, there are several great (some new) restaurants on 2nd Street in the Walker's Point area (just south of the Third Ward). Crazywater is wonderful but also the new ones like Braise are also excellent. You'll need reservations for both of those.

          Have fun!

          1. Roots for brunch or anything. really cool vibe, view, food

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              Roots closed in September. There is supposed to be something new going in their location, but last I heard, it was not supposed to be open until the end of this month.

              1. re: Fydeaux

                You are correct as always, Fydeaux. Roots is closed but is scheduled to re-open at the end of October as a restaurant called Wolf Peach. Supposedly the same chef from Roots will be the chef at Wolf Peach. I had also heard that the "theme" will be wood-fired oven food.

                I will probably give it a try after they have been open for a couple of months and have ironed out the kinks.

                1. re: Fowler

                  Thanks for this report! Wolf Peach sounds interesting.

                  As a funny on wood oven food. When I was dating the future-ex, we loved eating at a place called "wood oven pizza". All heck broke loose when this landmark had to replace their sign and the new large neon said "WOP". The town had them remove it the day after it went up.

                  1. re: exvaxman

                    That is very funny and I mean that in the most politically correct way.