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Jul 25, 2012 10:34 AM

Old-fashioned (non-Italian or French) bakeries in Providence area

Has the old-fashioned bakery gone completely away? I'm wanting good cinnamon rolls and old fashioned donuts, not croissants or cannoli. Is there such a thing left in the Providence area?

We'll be on vacation there next week - mainly to go to the beach in Narragansett, but will be in Warwick, Providence and Woonsocket as well. I'll drive anywhere for a great cinnamon roll!!! Thanks!

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  1. Wayland Bakery in Wayland Square and Silver Star Portuguese Bakery on the East Side come immediately to mind although I'm not sure they have exactly what you want (not being a bakery person much myself).

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      Thanks - never been to either one! Will look for them and report back.

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        Wayland is a classic old-school "bake shop." I remember stopping there with my dad in the 1960s to pick up blueberry turnovers for one of his salesladies who had a "sweet tooth."

        You might want to give a call to LaSalle Bakery in Providence, which I guess you'd call Italian but is way more than a cannoli shop.

        Finally, while it is far from an old-fashioned bakery, I suspect that Seven Stars on Hope St has killer cinnamon rolls.

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          Thanks Bob - I've been to LaSalle and they do have great things. Those blueberry turnovers sound wonderful though - my husband loves those! We'll be headed to Wayland for sure! Thanks for the info

    2. For doughnuts, I would go to a doughnut shop not a bakery. In addition to those suggested by Garris, you could also try Wright's Dairy Farm.

      All the other old-school bakeries I know of are ethnic.

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      1. There's only one place for (fresh baked) donuts (anywhere) - Allie's at 3661 Quaker Lane (Rt. 2), North Kingstown, RI. Not sure if they make cinnamon rolls. Never got past their traditional donuts - especially their cinnamon old fashion, coconut coated & lemon filled varieties.

        Warning - the donuts are so fresh (no preservatives, dough softeners, etc), they should only be eaten on the day purchased. They stale up real fast.


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          Thanks - been to Allies many times. Not my favorite, but better than DD. My husband loves their fig bars though!

        2. Today was the second time I have been to Wrights Farm Bakery. I have to say It was impressive as far as the old fashioned Cream Horns not made with packaged puff pastry. Real cream in everything not using a stablizer or like some do add a bit on whipped topping control weeping. They had at least 12 different muffins, things like the old fashioned Eccles Cakes, 6 different turnovers dozens of cakes pies and with all the dairy there they make their own ice cream only sold in quarts. the place is packed, VERY clean, filled cases neatly attended. Only thing no donuts if thats what you were looking forAllies is good if you need a grease grenade. If you have kids they do milking twice a day and the kids can see it up close plus they have quite a few baby calfs kids can see and sneak a pat at. I even say cinnamon buns lol. Some really nice oldies if thats your quest.

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            Wright's is a good solid spot. I'm always heartened by the crowds pouring into that place when I go.

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              A pistache its not but it is solid, totally fresh with the mob there it turns over and over most bakerys the stuff sit's and sit's. I dont visit many bakery's but if I do it would be Wrights for simple pastry The Eccles Cakes are really good. On a Sunday when I get bored I make a few my kids love them.

          2. Not positive on the cinnamon roll, but we have some great bakeries here in South County, a lot closer to your vacation destination. Try Sweet Cakes in Peace Dale or The Bakery in Charlestown. Sweet Cakes does make a pretty good sticky bun (though not quite as good as Seven Stars in Providence).