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I need my coffee!

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Going away for the weekend - to stay with LOVELY people in their beautiful home. They are the MOST gracious hosts. But, they don't drink coffee. Just wanted to ask fellow Hounds if anyone's found a drinkable instant. What about those little coffee bags, similar to tea bags? Is there anything out there I could pack in my bag to give me my morning fix? (Also, they live in a rural area, so running out to a coffee shop isn't an option...)

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  1. Do you have a French press you could bring along? I despise instant coffee but tried a sample of Starbucks via and found it ok and better than what's out there

    1. The Starbucks VIA instant is quite decent. I think there are 2 varieties, and one of them does not have that burnt taste that some find objectionable.

      1. I find Starbucks Via instant to be fairly good, though a bit pricey for regular use. It might just be what you are looking for.
        Alternatively, you could pack a small manual drip cone and some ground coffee.

        1. If you have a Bed, Bath & Beyond near you, look for the one-cup Melitta cone filter that you can brew coffee right into your mug. They come with about 5 filters, I think. (Or a jury-rigged filter of a paper towel could be used). Just bring along your own ground coffee and add boiling water. :-)


          1. I bring my ss Moka pot and coffee everywhere that has a stovetop.

            1. Starbucks via is good, a bit strong for me.
              I like tasters choice for regular and shop rite decaf.

              The tea bag type instant coffee is awful. Like drinking coffee flavored water

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                I do find it to be better than freeze dried instant coffee.

                But I agree with Tcamp below - a single cup Melitta cone or a French press or an Aeropress is easy to pack, and all are far superior to the bags or the instant stuff.

              2. I think the one-cup Melitta is going to be your best bet. That and a small bag of your favorite coffee will keep mornings pleasant. We travel with not one but two french presses (regular and decaf), plus each day's coffee preground and stashed in baggies. It seems a little ridiculous but starting a day with bad coffee just isn't fun.

                1. Thanks for the great ideas! I'd forgotten about those little Melitta mug brew thingies. Appreciate all the suggestions.