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Jul 25, 2012 09:41 AM

I need my coffee!

Going away for the weekend - to stay with LOVELY people in their beautiful home. They are the MOST gracious hosts. But, they don't drink coffee. Just wanted to ask fellow Hounds if anyone's found a drinkable instant. What about those little coffee bags, similar to tea bags? Is there anything out there I could pack in my bag to give me my morning fix? (Also, they live in a rural area, so running out to a coffee shop isn't an option...)

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  1. Do you have a French press you could bring along? I despise instant coffee but tried a sample of Starbucks via and found it ok and better than what's out there

    1. The Starbucks VIA instant is quite decent. I think there are 2 varieties, and one of them does not have that burnt taste that some find objectionable.

      1. I find Starbucks Via instant to be fairly good, though a bit pricey for regular use. It might just be what you are looking for.
        Alternatively, you could pack a small manual drip cone and some ground coffee.

        1. If you have a Bed, Bath & Beyond near you, look for the one-cup Melitta cone filter that you can brew coffee right into your mug. They come with about 5 filters, I think. (Or a jury-rigged filter of a paper towel could be used). Just bring along your own ground coffee and add boiling water. :-)

          1. I bring my ss Moka pot and coffee everywhere that has a stovetop.