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Jul 25, 2012 09:02 AM

El Cardenal Mexico City

Is the original one still in the Historico on Palma? I see there is one on Avenida de las Palmas but I want to go to the original one.

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  1. There are four locations: Palma 23 (the original), the Hotel Hilton Alameda, Lomas ('Palmas'), and the newest location in San Ángel.


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    1. re: cristina

      Thanks Cristina! I would think the original one has the best atmosphere, verdad?

      1. re: bronwen

        I prefer the Hilton Alameda, but that's just me. The owner is a friend of mine and she is most often at that location, so I have a chance to talk with her there.


        1. re: bronwen

          We have only been to the Palma 23 location, first for breakfast and another time for comida. The second time, the restaurant was very busy and we were seated in an awkward and unattractive location. While the food was good, the service was brusque and impersonal and we were not pleased.

          The first visit, for breakfast, was much more pleasant, with gracious service. The breakfast dishes that followed the wonderful pan dulce, natas and chocolate caliente weren't as good as those at the the later comida. That said, however, I would go there again but choose an optimal time for our reservation.

          We liked the atmosphere of the ground floor dining room. The second floor was just adequate.

          1. re: Anonimo

            We had a wonderful lunch at El Cardenal. We sat on the third floor by an open window and it was very quiet. The breads are really phenomenal here. I had duck tacos and my beau lamb en salsa barracha. It's a beautiful restaurant too and the service was excellent.

            1. re: bronwen

              Good to read your positive report, Bronwen. We may give it another visit.