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Jul 25, 2012 09:02 AM

Crab Stock...Any Suggestions???

I'm getting a bushel of NC blue crabs today and have never made a stock from them before. Seems like great flavor just going to waste. I'll be cooking most of them with Old Bay & know how much it would change the taste of a stock. A few questions..... Wash the OB off from cooked crabs? Cook some crabs w/out OB and use those shells only? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  1. Both, but it seems a shame to dispose of the original cooking water, even if just steaming, as that will have a lot of flavor too. Can you cook them without seasoning and use the OB only at the table? Probably heresy to suggest this, I suppose.

    1. Blue crabs are perfect for seafood gumbo. What about making a gumbo which would use both the meat and the shells (to make the stock that is then used to make the gumbo)?

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        Never thought of doing a gumbo...will definately look into it. Living here on the coast of NC, I have access to all kinds of "fresh" seafood this time of year. Was also thinking of doing a crab-corn chowder since corn in "in" season now.

      2. You would be better off using raw crab to make your stock.

        1. I wouldn't worry about rinsing the OB off if you are going to use the stock in a recipe that could benefit from the flavor. Gumbo as previously suggested, or a jambalaya or risotto. I haven't made crab stock before, but I often make shrimp stock with the leftover heads and shells from a shrimp boil and the seasoning really enhances the stock for other similarly flavored dishes.

          1. Just to be clear, I was suggesting using a handful of crabs to make gumbo with from start to finish. I was not suggesting to make the stock with or without Old Bay, then, sometime later, make gumbo with that stock.

            I would never put Old Bay in a seafood gumbo, but that just my family's taste.