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Are you making a specialty food? Tell us about it

Gone but not Forgotten

FoiGras Jul 25, 2012 08:53 AM

All of the restaurants that have long been gone--i.e., Danny's, Hausner's, Marconi's, etc--each had a specialty or two.

Are there any current restaurants that have carried on with one of the special items from the long gone restaurants. For example--is there a current restaurant that serves strawberry pie similar to what Hausner's used to feature? How about the fabulous cream of crab soup that Miller Brothers used to serve--or the decadent hot fudge sundae at Marconi's.

Danny's used to serve remarkable popovers with smearcaase (spelling?). The Brentwood Inn used to serve amazing lobster thermidore and Joe, the mixologist, was a hoot. Nothing like having your drink mixed tableside--tossed in the air and poured into your open/waiting mouth.

The Polo Grill and Pimlico Hotel--so many wonderful dishes. I loved the fried lobster tail at the Polo Grill. (Flemings steakhouse has an appetizer version which is quite comparable). The Coffey Salad at the Pimlico Hotel was always a favorite (Chef Paolino in Catonsville serves the Coffey Salad).

Just trying to recapture some of the foods of my younger years. FoiGras