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Jul 25, 2012 08:26 AM

Standard Meals

Could use some help from the hounds!
I’m a foodie to the point to the point I should consider a self help group! It’s just the 2 of us and we have 3 fridges and 2 deep freezers. I work 9 hours shifts and have to eat at my desk-I’m an aircraft dispatcher. It can be exhausting figuring out what to bring to work to eat esp working shift work early am,afternoons and some midnights. I find myself getting jealous of I guy I used to work with. Dwayne ate the same lunch for 10 years 3 sliced of baloney 1 slice of cheese on white bread,10 potato chips and an apple. After 10 years he made the move to ham! While I can’t do that standard meal I looking for suggestion of what could be my standard meal for breakfast,lunch,dinners and snacks. Healthy things-thing I could make a batch of for the week or freeze. Have some Ideas for breakfast yogurt,fruit,hard boiled eggs,peanut butter on good bread and nuts. But I need some help!

Thanks in Advance


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  1. Here some threads that might give you some ideas.

    1. I'm in a similar situation, my bosses are quite the ogres your's must be to make you eat at a desk.

      ANYWAY, consider taking up soup making. It is easy and cheap.

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        As you speak eating this one could eat it every day-spa food

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          Was just coming here to say SOUP. You can make several batches on the weekend and pack them in 2-cup containers. And since you have the double deep freeze? Tuck containers away in there for those days you don't have anything else.

          Take them out that morning, let them defrost on your desk, put 'em in the microwave at work, and you're good to go. Some ideas:

          Beef Barley Vegetable Soup
          Portuguese Kale & Sausage Soup
          Chicken Corn Chowder
          Italian Wedding Soup with little meatballs

          1. re: LindaWhit

            Soups all winter here in Pittsburgh by spring its time to move on..

            1. re: don515

              How about gazpacho? It meets all of your criteria and is a great way to use summer garden veggies if you have them.

        2. "It can be exhausting figuring out what to bring to work to eat"

          Are there any foods you like to eat?

          1. For dinner, pasta, e.g. with the following simple sauces:

            Olive oil, garlic, anchovies, red pepper, olives, parsley, etc.

            Butter, parmesan, cream, nutmeg, etc

            Olive oil, pecorino, black pepper

            Olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, herbs

            Olive oil, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, etc.

            Butter, tomatoes, onion

            Olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, tuna, and parsley

            These all take less than 10 minutes of prep time.

            1. We usually cook on Sunday so we have lunches for the week. My gf also makes salads for herself a few times a week. Soups are a great idea as you just make a few huge batches, portion them out and freeze them. Chana masala also works well. We also make a lentil and pea recipe once in while and sometimes we'll make a turkey sandwich or tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich. Sometimes we'll just make extra for dinner and take the leftovers for lunch.

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              1. re: Rick

                Like dwane looking just one breakfast,lunch,dinner that I can eat every single diverstiy when i get home.. what the one?

                1. re: don515

                  So you're saying you want the same breakfast, the same lunch and the same dinner every day?

                    1. re: don515

                      Well, then as FrankJBN said above - what foods do you like to eat?

                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        Truly all but want to keep the work stuff on the healty side save the fun calories for somewhere else :)

                      2. re: don515

                        For a hearty breakfast I like to top a previously frozen wheat bagel with lite cream cheese mixed with hot sauce and black pepper then throw on a sliced tomato or Morningstar fakesausage or whatever else is around. Also Bagel with Peanut butter and hot sauce is pretty good if you like the salty/sweet combo