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Jul 25, 2012 07:39 AM

Food at 2012 Lowell Folk Festival

Because of the weather in recent years, and other factors, I haven't been to the LF in several years.
The forecast looks promising for Saturday so I'm looking forward to going. I won't be able to roam around much so will only get to one of the food vendor areas. Which one is best?

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  1. This doesn't answer your specific question - but I just noticed the Festival website has a list of demos for the foodways booth - theme: tomatoes; nationalities include Nigerian (!)

    Usually this booth is in Lucy Larcom park, right next to St Anne's - which often has the Nigerians (goat stew!) and, one year, I believe, Senegalese food...

    1. I lived in Lowell for several years, and the Pilipino vendor at Boarding House Park always has the longest line. The income from these ethnic food vendors supports their charitable causes.

      1. Update from last night!

        New: Liberian food booth at Dutton St dance stage - incl. cassava leaf w/rice, jellof rice, juicy bbq chkn, etc There's also Israeli and other good-looking food available there.

        BoardingHouse: The greek booth (I think it was, maybe a different booth) had our beloved fatoosh (spicy salad w/pita) The Lao booth had VERY GOOD papaya salad - freshly made! and w/a little burn... As usual, the Latin American booth on the corner of John St had bacalaito - a cod (?) fritter that is excellent when fresh!

        That's it so far!

        Have fun - And if you see a 5' woman, 50s, w/glasses and long hair - say Hi!

        Oh, one more: from the stage, they said one of the food/tomato demos would be Nepali - and I already noted that one is Nigerian.

        1. Just back. Tried the goat stew at the Nigerian booth; the sauce was tasty but the goat was rubbery and hard to chew. Followed it up with sticky rice and satay from one of the booths at JFK plaza washed down with limeade from a booth next to the Cobblestones one, and finished off with one mango and one watermelon sorbet, best of the day.

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          1. re: Kat

            the goat stew was a big disappointment for me this year. not very spicy and way too much gristle. :(

            passionfruit mousse from the brazilians at dutton st. was very good!

            my impression was that attendance was definitely not as high as years past, but who knows why. the cross-programming certainly benefits nobody.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              I had 2 samples of goat stew, one early and one quite late; the first was too chewy, the second just right. I agree it could have been spicier but I'm still happy. St. Anne's had a table with various South American dishes; I tried a little Columbian beef and potato empanada with a crispy cornmeal shell, very nice. The Burmese table did not return, which was disappointing, but 2 new Brazilian ones; overall, less generic SE Asian, which was a nice trend.

          2. I did not wind up going after all. Like virgin coconut oil, I liquefy at 78 degrees, so yesterday was out. By the time it no longer looked like rain today, the afternoon was half over. Usually there are more LFF posts on CH. I hope the Summer Arts Weekend in Boston did not sap too much attendance from the LFF. Frankly, I think it stinks that the Globe, WGBH, and Citizen's Bank scheduled this first-time free event on the same weekend. They certainly know that LFF is always the last weekend in July. Yes, Newport FF is also this weekend, but that's farther and harder to get to from Boston than the short train ride to Lowell. Also not sure what I think of WGBH, which asks for public financing, spending its funds to sponsor some other organization's event. Does anyone know if the SAW festivities included food vendors as well?