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Jul 25, 2012 07:35 AM

Spice Market or Hurricane Club for 90th Birthday?

My mom is celebrating her 90th birthday next month and we want to take her out for a celebratory dinner. I've narrowed the choice of restaurant down to two (though happy to consider other places) based on the following criteria: 1. location (not too far from Chelsea, where she lives); 2. cost (under $100 per person; 3. food (mom likes Asian a lot, though this is not a must) 4. ambiance/fun factor (festive but not insanely loud; both Spice Market and Hurricane Club sound entertaining, upscale but not overly formal).
But there are a couple of factors that I'd like your help with, given that I live in another state and cannot check out the physical set-up of these restaurants personally.
1. Stairs or other physical obstacles: Mom needs a cane or walker to get around. She can handle a few stairs, but walking up a whole flight of stairs won't work. Ease of getting in and out of the restaurant would be a big plus.
2. Comfort for a party of ten on a Saturday evening. It has to be on a Saturday. We are happy to eat as early as 5 pm.
3. Special treatment: we don't need any, really, but if either place is especially solicitous of birthdays, that would be nice.
Thanks for any insight.

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  1. It's been a while since I did spice market but I think there were a few steps going in and the restroom was down a flight of stairs (but I am assuming they must have an elevator or a handicapped bathroom upstairs - might be a good idea to call and ask). I did like Spice Market though because we also were were for a birthday. They gave a free dessert for the birthday girl! I haven't been to Hurricane Club though.

    1. I you take any three random patrons of Hurricane Club and added their ages together, they would not equal 90 years old. Just saying.

      1. Spice Market looks very nice inside. I recall having to walk up steps to get in and as another poster commented the restrooms are down many many many steps. However, I would call them, someone on Yelp said they had a lift to accommodate a wheelchair, So definitely check. Some of the food might be a bit too spicy for a 90 year old person. I have never been to Hurricane Club. But a pleasant Asian restaurant with good food and good atmosphere is Indochine. It is not in Chelsea but on Lafayette and 8th St ( approx). A 10 minute taxi ride. There are about 4 steps to walk up, the rest rooms are on the same level as the restaurant. The Greenwich Grill is pleasant asian food and again a 10 minute cab ride. Finally , and no steps , is Jung Sik. Asian gourmet dining. 10 minute cab ride, I think you can do it within your budget. A meal to remember for sure.
        happy birthday to your mom!

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them all out!

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            I love Jung Sik and i think it would be a great place to take your mother (assuming she is fairly adverturous in eating habits). It is quiet, which is always good with older people. I only question whether you could do it for under $100 pp.

          2. We ended up at Indochine and had a wonderful time. After some back and forth, I ended up pre-ordering from a prix fixe menu ($60 per person without drinks) which made the occasion seem that much more festive: food just appeared (and it helped that I know what kinds of dishes the 90 year old birthday girl likes). The included desert course included a chocolate cake (superb), inscribed, and sorbet. The folks at Indochine were extremely solicitous and the atmosphere was just right (no overly loud music, thank goodness). I also found a parking place directly in front of the restaurant, so the gods were definitely smiling on us. Thanks to all for the advice, especially the Indochine suggestion.