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Jul 25, 2012 06:58 AM

DC 8/8/12- Bar Suggestion for drink

Visiting the city on 8/8 on a bus tour with students. I am leaving the group and meeting a friend for the day and we are having lunch at Fiola and then doing some shopping at A. Litteri and Sapore. I need a suggestion for a upscale bar/restaurant near the Zoo to have a drink/appetizer before meeting up with the group to depart home at 6pm. Thanks.

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  1. Palena is wonderful, and would be a good option. But for looking for a great cocktail, I'd prefer Bardeo on the same stretch in Cleveland Park.

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    1. re: katecm

      I second Ardeo/Bardeo. Great cocktails. In particular martinis and one called the Kentucky Peach...... Also great wine list

      1. re: Milocat1

        I totally forgot about Palena we were there for dinner a few years ago. I think we will try Ardeo/Bardeo. Thanks for the suggestion!

        1. re: BRI328

          Ripple or Dino if you want a cocktail over Bardeo. Better food, better drinks and lower prices. Dino has classic cocktails with a lot of fresh local fruit infusions. Ripple has "fat washed" cocktails - think bacon infused booze.

          Bardeo always reads better than it is, and is quite expensive for what it delivers. Don't start me on their wine list!

          Ripple ain't cheap but its drinks are very interesting. The appetizers are full of lots of ingredients of very high quality. I wold rather they simplify a little, but I always like their stuff. If they have house cured anchovies or sardines, get them.

          Dino has the best pates on the block. The grilled fruit dishes amaze. Duck liver spread and lamb tongue are both big "wow's" Best cheeses in town. Great small plates too.

    2. The bar at Ardeo would probably be a nice choice. Or Ripple.