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Business Lunch in Beverly Hills

I'm visiting L.A. and need to host a lunch meeting for 7 in Beverly Hills. A colleague suggested Kate Mantilini on Wilshire, but mentioned it might get kind of loud, which I'm hoping to avoid. My boss is asking for something that feels modern/fresh. Price is not really an issue, as we are entertaining world-class surgeons.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Bouchon or Scarpetta would be my recommendations.

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          Service is incredible at Scarpetta. Also lovely is the basket of bread immediately brought to the table. Some delicious surprises inside of that bread. Your colleagues will be very happy dining at Scarpetta .

    1. Consider Craft or Culina.

      1. every time I've been to Montage during the day, Scarpetta looks closed. Are you all sure it's open for lunch?
        my suggestion is the rooftop terrace at the Montage—a lovely shaded terrace, separated from the pool, with round tables, good menu and fab view toward the hills of Beverly.

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          My mistake. You are correct Scarpetta Beverly Hills is not open for lunch, only dinner and Sunday Brunch.

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            If this lunch is in late September or after Spago Beverly Hills should be back open with their new menu.

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              off-topic, but the entire restaurant has been taken down to the studs—even the olive tree is gone. thought this was just going to be a paint job/new menu, but obviously they're doing a major reno. will be interesting to see the refreshed Spago whenever it reopens.

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              I wonder if this is a recent development as I have had lunch at Scarpetta a few times (albeit, not recently).
              I would go with my Plan B which is Bouchon.

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                It used to be open for lunch....didn't know that had changed.

          2. A newcomer to the Beverly Hills dining scene is Yojisan.

            I suspect many physicians have already been to "the usual suspects" (Scarpetta, Bouchon, etc.) in Beverly Hills area (ask me how I know). Don't get me wrong - Scarpetta indeed has great service and fine food, but if the occasion calls for "modern/fresh", try a newer place.

            1. Il Pastaio is great, but small and fairly noisy. Via Alloro is a good alternative.

              1. absolutely do NOT go to kate mantilini.

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                  "absolutely do NOT go to kate mantilini"......good advice.

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                    Its hard to get a table during prime lunch hours at the Grill...and even if she does, a group of surgeons may not enjoy being second-class citizens to the entertainment industry regulars who command the best tables. Bouchon is a good idea.

                    Setting aside the quality of the meal for the price (and the "modern/fresh" request), you could get a private room at Mr. Chow. Likewise, if you get your boss to exclude (or better define) the modern/fresh criteria, I'd consider some of the Beverly Hills hotel restaurants, like the Polo Lounge or the Four Seasons - either of which is posh enough to impress and can easily accommodate a business group.

                  2. OP wants modern/fresh. Craft.

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                      She also wants Beverly Hills. But if she wants nearby Century City, Craft is a fine idea if she opts for a private dining room; otherwise, as with The Grill, I would not subject a group of surgeons to the lunchtime seating politics of the de facto CAA/ICM commissary.

                      If she ventures in the other direction just beyond BH, Lucques would be a nice choice - elegant, contemporary, and not particularly an industry scene at lunch.

                      1. Culina at the Four Seasons, Bouchon Bistro, Craft, Mr. Chow,, E. Baldi