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Hey Baltimore Hounds...

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I'm a North Carolina hound heading to my first O's game tonight, and would like to try some good Italian, perhaps in the Little Italy area. Is there "a best" in that area I need to check out? Any location in the inner harbor/downtown area will work just fine though, upscale is fine, down and dirty is fine, I just want good eats. Thanks for any recs you can provide.

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      1. A very short drive from the Inner Harbor area is a wonderful Italian restaurant--Sotto Sopra. Much better then any of the ones in Little Italy--more innovative and upscale. FoiGras

        1. For something more informal but more personal you may want to try Isabellas in little Italy. Next to the bocci court.

          1. The best restaurant in Little Italy of the one's I've tried is Aldo's. It's expensive, though.

            1. What did you end up doing? Just curious.

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                I went to La Scala. It was a very enjoyable evening, and the food was generally good.

                The Bruschetta was simple and very nice. It's amazing how many people screw up such a simple concept by trying to get creative...

                I had a swordfish entree that was all about the swordfish. It came out cool, it was cooked to the right temp, but in my opinion had sat in the window too long. I wouldn't have said anything, because i just didn't really care, but the chef owner asked, so i told him, at whhich point they went back there and made the same peice of fish that was on my plate hot...NOT A BIG FAN OF THAT, but as i said I really just didn't care (long day at the office so to speak), so i had a few more bites and moved along.

                My associate had gnocchi w pomodoro sauce. He loved it, i enjoyed the bite i had of it as well. My pasta side, penne in a red sauce was done very nicely as well. In retrospect I wish I had ordered a pasta dish for entree, but I'm trying the healthy thing, and sometimes I order with my brain and not with my heart/stomach.

                Anyways, thanks so much for all the recs. I hope to try many more of these in the future.