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Please Help! Napa Itinerary [Moved from Vegetarian & Vegan board]

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My husband and I are planning our first visit to Napa. We are not wine experts, but we enjoy good wine and fresh, delicious food. I have some dietary restrictions (no meat or chicken). I am really excited about our vacation, but I am so confused by the wineries and lay of the land and how to spread everything out, so I would appreciate some help. We are staying at the Solage for 3 nights. We are coming from NY, so we will have 2 full days.

Day 1:
Arrive SFO and drive to calistoga

If there is time, visit a vineyard on the way

Dinner at JoLe

Day 2 and 3:
Joseph Phelps
Pride (spring Mountain)
Frias Family (Spring Mountain)
Smith Madrone (Spring Mountain)
Nickel and Nickel
Elizabeth Spencer
Frog's Leap
SIlver oak
Which ones should we choose? Any other's that you would suggest? I need help organizing the days.
Also, wouldn't mind doing a bike tour - are there any ones you would recommend?

Day 2 Dinner at Solage

Day 3 Dinner at The Farmstead or Grill at Meadowood

Also, can you please recommend a good, but reasonable car service?

Day 4:
lunch at girl and the fig and then drive to Monterey/Carmel

Day 5:
Monterey/Carmel any restaurant suggestions?

Day 6:
San Francisco
Dinner A-16

Day 7:
San Francisco
Dinner Millennium

Day 8:
Fly home

All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  1. you might like gloria ferrer (in sonoma) or hess collection for wineries.

    nepenthe or ventana in big sur??

    if you're going to monterey bay aquarium, i would recommend the lunch service - lovely views. i'm not sure what cindy pawlcyn's role at the restaurant is - she might be the chef de cuisine. very fresh, california local cuisine.

    1. As there is another thread here addressing the same query, we'll lock this one. Please continue the conversation here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/860236