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Jul 24, 2012 08:50 PM

brew pub with good food

About 8-10 of us are getting together for a "non-stag" stag. The groom wants to have dinner at a brew pub or similar place with good food. Looking for something more interesting than your standard chain restaurant or Yaletown/Robson place. Suggestions for Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. That combination does not exist here, IMO. That about Pourhouse or Bitter?

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    1. re: fmed

      Agree with fmed. I say choose a good brew pub to go to after you dine elsewhere nearby. You could hit up a restaurant in Gastown before either of his reccos.

    2. Technically, the only brewpubs in Vancouver are Steamworks (food meh, beers meh but seasonals are good) and Yaletown Brewing (serviceable, casks are ok). Both places are more interesting than your usual chain but barely so.

      Now, if you asked for "a place with good food and beer", your options would be more plentiful. :)

      Alibi Room is noisy and has lots of energy. They also have the best beer selection in town. I think drinking downstairs would be good for your non-stag. Bitter isn't quite big enough for a group of 8-10 to sit together comfortably. Pourhouse is more about cocktails than beer but I hear the food is great.

      Outside of downtown, my first choice would be Portland Craft on Main (good food and beer) and second St. Augustine's on Commercial near Broadway (convenient location, best beer outside of Alibi Room, food is just ok, bland sports bar feel).

      There's quite a few places in Kits nowadays that do craft beer...Sunset Grill, etc. But I'm not too familiar with the neighborhood. Personally I'd choose the places mentioned above before venturing into Kits.

      If you had to drink/eat in Richmond, the Pumphouse Pub is ok and Hog Shack is good if you HAVE to be in Steveston. Their bbq is almost good but they've got a small but great selection of beer on tap plus interesting bottles. If you're happy/wasted, you'd probably enjoy trying their Flatline Burger Challenge for shits and giggles.

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      1. re: flowbee

        Super roundup for the OP, flowbeee! Nice to hear that Portland Craft has good food, still haven't checked it out yet. I love Alibi for the selection (and the bats!) but I've had some pretty meh eats there and it does get uber-loud in prime time. Agree re staying out of Kits :-(.

        1. re: grayelf

          At Portland Craft, I've enjoyed the burger, "Pig and Pots" pork belly dish, sumac potato chips, spiced hazelnuts, and their fried chicken (charmlingly called "Put a Bird on It"). They seriously need some sound-dampening on their walls/ceiling but it's a very fun and cool environment there without the haughtiness.

        2. re: flowbee

          You nailed it flowbee.

          I think Alibi Room is the best choice as well, but I don't think they do reservations for more than 10 people. The food probably isn't quite chow-worthy but the beer selection is quite superb.

          1. re: J_Bone

            I've enjoyed their pork belly burger :) not sure if it's still on their menu. Slightly slick and greasy pork belly burger and a bold, flavourful IPA = a thing of beauty.

            I also like their chicken wings.

            1. re: flowbee

              Thanks all! Turns out the groom has tried Portland Craft and liked the food - will check out the reso options and go from there. Will have to try St. Augustine's one of these days - haven't been yet.