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Please reccommend a meat market for briskets!

My daughter is getting maried in November. I have convinced my husband to cater the BBQ himself. I need a place that he can go (other than Sam's or Costco) where he can get 5-7 really good quality cut briskets. Reccommendations would be greatly appreciated! We are willing to drive anywhere in the DFW area. Thanks.

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  1. What's wrong with Costco's brisket? Well, if you want to throw your money away, I would recommend Matador Meat and Wine, Ye Ole Butcher Shop or, Rudolph's. I would recommend Hirsch's Meat Market but the buzz is, they get their meat from Costco!

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      Um no.

      Hirsch's butcher's their own meat, has guilded butchers, and actually take pride in their product.

      I would say that Hirsch's is actually a good choice, but realize that Sams/Costco brisket will taste just as good as individual/boutique one once it's been BBQed for 7 hours

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        I stand corrected regarding my comment about Hirsch's.

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        We can find a good one at Sam's, (not a member at Costco). The problem is, he can not seem to find multiple choice ones there at the same time. He doesn't t want to freeze them beforehand. I appreciate the help!

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          Inquire at Hirsch's They've been known to accomidate unusual requests in addition to dry aging steaks.

        2. Rudolph's in Deep Ellum. Great quality, aged and processed on site. They know their business and are way friendly, to boot.

          1. I don't shop at Sam's, but nothing wrong with Costco's choice beef. When it comes to BBQing/smoking a good brisket, it's the pitmaster that makes or breaks a brisket, regardless the origins.

            1. Local Yocal is another option (in McKinney--I consider that DFW, you may not ;) Central Market's brisket is very good.

              1. BTW, he is an excellent pitmaster, and takes his BBQ very seriously, hence he's not willing to just grab any old brisket.

                1. If you contact Sam's and request the number brisket you need, they will accomadate you. I have done this before at the Lewisville Sam's and they were happy to help me - and I am pretty picky about my brisket also. I got 6 of them for Memorial day and smoked them and they were great - at least no complaints from the peanut gallery

                  1. The OP might also have a chat with the butcher's at Kuby's in Snider Plaza. They also butcher whole sides and just might be able to provide the right brisket at the right time.
                    It's worth a try.
                    But, my first choice would have to be Rudoph's Meat Market.

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                      And you could eat at Local or Rosemont while there ... not to mention stopping by Paula's for cheese, all without moving the car.

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                        Good idea! Paula Lambert's, Mozzarella Company is right next door to Rudolph's.

                    2. Agree with Rudolph's -- I did a whole brisket from there recently, and it was awesome. I am sure with advance planning they would be able to get you whatever you need.

                      1. Rudolph's. Call them a month or so ahead of time to make arrangements.

                        1. Anyone familiar w/Old Town Market in Lewisville? LH? D Mag liked it last year and I stumbled upon it tonight when searching a new meat market I spied today while over that way - didn't catch the name but there was a large " Opening Soon" banner hanging - strip center, NW corner of 121 @ Continental or Corporate

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                            Old Town is a reliable choice for a meat counter and their summer sausage ain't bad either. The lunch plates are a bit pricey. I would say overall a great source for butchered meats that they can source. They even have prepackaged cuts, game and offal in the freezer if in a hurry. It is rather slow on most days as most people these days think it is expensive at a butcher vs the Walmart no service butcher who rarely know anything about butchery.

                            I will check on the meat market at 121 and Corporate.....not the best area for a meat market methinks, but we will see!

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                              Yes, we get our brisket for smoking and for corning from Old Town and also our pork bellies to make bacon. It's the only place we've bought whole brisket, so I can't compare their brisket quality with other butchers, but we've always had good results. The folks there are all super nice. And we prefer their pork bellies over the ones from the Asian markets, as the ones from the Asian markets, though they're perfectly good, always have an unpleasant smell. Old Town's pork bellies (sometimes available fresh by pre-order and sometimes available frozen, depending on their supplier) have no smell whatsoever.

                              1. Well for BBQ you do not need to shell out extra money for grass fed beef as it need a bit of fattiness. I have had good luck at Sam's/Costco and I get out of their much cheaper than at a butcher. I would call ahead depending on if I am late posting and order what you need and ask if there is a discount they can pass along for a large order. Make sure to tell them you want the briskets you can almost fold in half....just a tip I learned.