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Jul 24, 2012 07:59 PM

Madison Friday Fish Frys

Will be visiting Madison on a Friday. Where should I go for Friday Fish Frys?

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  1. It totally depends upon what type of fish fry you prefer. The beer battered cod at Avenue Bar, for example, is totally different from the perch fry at the Old Fashioned.

    What are you seeking in the type of fish and fry preparation?

    1. Check out Madison Fish Fry. They've been to some thousand frys over the years, fastidiously grading and annotating them.

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      1. re: jumble

        I have to concur with Toby's and Esquire...good choices.

        I ALSO have to agree about Avenue Bar NOT being in the top ten. Our experiences, there, went downhill badly after Food Fight took over. Sad, but that's our observation.

      2. Just a clarification to my original reply...I am not advocating Avenue Bar, I was simply using that as an example of the type of fish and type of frying option that some prefer.

        Outside of people having fond memories of childhood experiences I do not understand the appeal of Avenue Bar.