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Jul 24, 2012 06:35 PM

Bridal Shower Suggestions in Montgomery County


I'm in charge of finding a nice location for a bridal shower in early December. An ideal location would be a 15 mile radius around Jenkintown so towns including Ambler, Chestnut Hill, Horsham, Willow Grove, Lafayette Hill, Conshohocken, etc.. even Manayunk. Ideally, I'd like to find somewhere with a nice bar area as well since it will be coed and the guys will be having some cocktails and watching college football. Its looking like it will be 40-45 women, 20 men. I have 2 top contenders but they aren't 100% perfect so I was looking for any suggestions. First thought is From the Boot in Ambler as we love the one in Lafayette Hill (and have been to a party in the one in Ambler). Only slight downfall is that the room is downstairs and the mom-to-be likes lots of windows. Very minor in the grand scheme of things. But I also can't remember what the bar was like there and if they had any TVs. Second choice was the Kitchen Bar in Jenkintown. They have this great patio type room that is heated and fine during the winter. Only issue is it holds 35, maybe 40 max, and we might be pushing over that. They have an upstairs room that is fine as well and a great bar area. Pricing seems more expensive than FTB, the upstairs room didn't have a ton of windows and I don't think the nicer room will fit.. and they really didn't have buffet type options (both sides of the families love buffet type meals).

So, after looking around at other topics I thought I would post to see if anyone had any other suggestions. Basics are: private room for 40-50 with a separate bar area for the guys with some TVs for sports watching, buffet type preferred. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I would recommend From the Boot. We had my daughters christening there and they did a fantastic job. Yes the private room is downstairs but it's a nice private space you will have all to yourselves, plus there is a separate bar downstairs so you could have a private bar. There are no TVs downstairs but there is one at the upstairs bar. This may work out if the men want to "duck away" from some I the girly gift opening that goes along with a shower. The food and service were fantastic and the price was really reasonable. We had a full buffet.

    We also hosted a wedding shower at Scoogis in flour town a few years back. If the bride likes windows, there is a gorgeous private rooms t the back of the restaurant with huge windows and a beautiful mural. We also had a buffet here. Again, there is a full bar in the main area with TVs where the men can duck out.

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      Thank you for the response. From the Boot's food really can't be beat. We had one event at the one in Ambler and I know there were a lot of people in the bar area, but I can't recall what it was like as we were downstairs the whole time + I had a few cocktails during the event!

      We had looked at Scoogis for another event last year. I think it was too small for our last event but that's probably a place I should check out.

      Something that popped in my head was last night Maggiano's in KOP. They have a few different room options + they have a nicely priced lunch menu. I've always been a big fan of their food.

      Thanks again for reaffirming FTB as one of the best in the area and throwing out Scoogis as well!

    2. I had my bridal shower at Villa Barolo in Warrington and they did a fantastic job. As for your criteria....

      Location: It's approximately 10 miles north of Jenkintown and is right on Rt. 611

      Bar: There is a separate bar area, with TV's.

      Private Room: I don't know how many private rooms they have but they have at least one, and it was more than big enough to accommodate all my shower guests.

      Food: The food at my shower was sit down and not buffet style, but they may offer buffet style. I didn't plan my shower, so I don't know for sure if they do or don't. Either way, the food there is EXCELLENT. Chef Lo does an awesome job and you won't be disappointed.

      If Warrington is too far out of the way or if you simply want a second recommendation, try Buena Via in Horsham. We had our rehearsal dinner there and loved it. As for your criteria...

      Location: It's about 6 miles North of Jenkintown and right off of 611.

      Bar: There is a separate bar area downstairs for the guys.

      Private room: The upstairs can be reserved for private events and it has two rooms. It has one larger room, with a balcony, and then one smaller room with windows and a television. You could probably have the main shower activities in the larger room and stick the guys in the smaller room with the TV to watch the game. For our rehearsal dinner, all of the guys hung out in the smaller room watching the NHL Playoffs on TV.

      Food: We had a sit down rehearsal dinner but they may do buffet style as well. I don't know for sure because my in-law's did all of the planning for our rehearsal dinner. It's an Italian restaurant so they serve your basic Italian fare and everything we had at our rehearsal dinner was excellent. They also do separate kids meals too.

      So hope this helps with your shower planning!