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Jul 24, 2012 04:37 PM

Flemington - Lookin for a casual inexpensive place, nothing fancy

Meeting a friend Monday for lunch in Flemington. Looking for a place that we can talk and have some privacy, not terribly busy or noisy, casual food, diner food is fine but it has to be decent, not expensive. It can't have all beef. I eat chicken, fish, vegetarian. Nothing fancy. Sandwiches are fine. We want to hang out for a little while and catch up on some things. Don't send me to IHOP, Perkins, Friendly's, McDonalds, or a regular pizza strip mall place. Suggestions please?

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  1. For salads, garden state salad on main street. For sandwiches Coccos on main street. BBQ- back road BBQ on old croton is delicious, and mad chef on fulper (behind the outlets) is a great sit down, slow down delicious restaurant . I know others have reviewed this place unfavorably, but ate there for lunch a couple months ago, and dinner on Saturday, and I thought the food and service were great. Oh, and for Asian, I recommend aikou on rt 202 next to staples. Hope this helps

    1. Back Road BBQ is great, but they are closed on Mondays. I am pretty sure that Garden State Salad is as well. (Mondays are tough for eating out in Flemington). The Metro Diner is good, and the interior is a little more upscale than a typical diner. Theresa's Cafe isn't bad for sandwiches and salads. Cook to Order is very good, but can get a bit crowded at lunch. Hope this helps!

      1. Check out Shaker Cafe on Main Street. Sounds like it might be just what you are looking for. Aikou is good for Asian food and Coccos is nice for paninis. Village Gyro is decent for casual Greek food. Not sure Garden State Salad has the "hang out for a while" feel that you are looking for. I would skip Metro Diner and check out Country Griddle instead if you are looking for diner food. I would definitely call any of those places first, though, because a lot of places in town are closed on Mondays.

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          Didn't mention shaker, although it crossed my mind, because last 2 times I was there I left unhappy. The food was okay, but the woman behind the counter was downright rude, and surly. Totally upsetting because I work on main street, and that had been our go to spot. I've heard good things about blue fish grill, and jakes on 31 is pretty good for apps, sandwiches, drinks and lingering. Too true bout Monday being the culinary worlds day off.