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Jul 24, 2012 03:53 PM

Three meals in Portland

Just spent a tasty two days in Portland including the following meals:
Dinner at Street & Co. This was excellent, possibly the best meal of our extended 6 day trip in New England & Canada. We shared two apps: Slow Cooked Squid & Chorizo and Grilled Sardines (I think). Squid were very tender in an excellent sauce, not a huge amount of chorizo but enough to flavor the dish. Sardines were OK but nothing special. For the main dish I had the Scallops in Pernod & Cream, which was excellent - not to rich & creamy, very well seasoned. My DCs had Seafood Stew, Blackened Halibut c,an't remember what else. DC with Blackened Halibut said it was one of the best fish meals she has ever had at a restaurant.

Lunch the next day was at the Bite Into Maine lobster roll truck at the Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park in South Portland. Six of us all ordered the 'classic' lobster roll, three with chives and three without. The rolls are not cheap, but they are indeed classic - everything about them was done to perfection. The chives were pretty to look at but did not effect the taste.

Dinner the second night was at Susan's Fish-n-Chips. This was pretty disappointing. My fried clams were fresh & plentiful, but the batter was heavy & greasy. We were there early, maybe the oil wasn't hot enough yet? Fish & chips were equally disappointing batter-wise.

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  1. Not surprised by any of your experiences. Street and Company is where one goes for a great pure seafood experience in portland. It does get some mixed reviews but I'm beginning to believe some of the negative ones might be attributed to diners who might not have a full appreciation for such items as squid or sardines. there is a fairly large number of people that I wouldn't take there for dinner for that reason.
    I think the lobster roll truck in cape elizabeth is a great alternative to the lobster rolls at two lights which I think of as a tourist trap. Two Lights is good but certainly not the best.
    I don't know how susans slipped into this itinerary but that was a mistake I've been making about once a year for the past 15 years. Compounding the error was the fact that you presumably drove right past the fishermans grill on your way over. Major mistake.
    Thanks for the report. Too many folks request recs on portland with too few reporting back.

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      As one of the diners (and planners) in JIMP's Portland excursions, I agree with everything he reported.

      The other dishes at Street & Co were the Sole Francaise, which was very good, and I had he calamari with red sauce, which was good but not amazing. The mussels in red sauce I had upon my first visit a year ago were much more memorable.

      In terms of Susan's, my first visit there 6mos ago consisted of two really good fish n chips. This time, however, all the dishes were just average. Not bad, but nothing worth noting. I want this place to be good, so I will probably try it again in half a year or so.

      EDIT: the lobster roles at B.I.M., though expensive, we're very very good and the amount of lobster fit the price accordingly. And the view isn't too shabby, either.

    2. Great report. Thank you...
      Yes, Susan's is a greasy spoon with a hack chef..

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      1. re: irwin

        A chef? At Susan's? I don't think so.

        1. re: bobbert

          Your right-- A poor fish handler at that........

      2. Hear, hear on Bite Into Maine's lobster rolls. Perfectly fresh, perfectly cooked, perfectly dressed. My only critique is that the perfect combo is so light you want to eat another as soon as you finish the first. We drove from Wells up to Cape Elizabeth to try these rolls, and I'm tempted to return to Fort Williams tomorrow for seconds!