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Jul 24, 2012 02:55 PM

Dried Sausages - looking for a vendor

Hi folks,

I am off to the BWCA and am looking for a supplier of dried sausages/salami to take to add to meals. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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  1. Spanish chorizo would be good. I've found it in the refrigerator section here, but it doesn't need to be. None of this kind of thing is ever refrigerated in Spain, where 1/3 of every grocery store seems to be devoted to cured meats. Surdyks or Byerlys usually has Palacios brand which is the one I am familiar with.
    A hunk of Spanish jamon would be good, too. is my go-to if I have time and don't wanna run around the cities looking.

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      Good thought -- almost anyplace that has a decent cheese counter will have a decent cured meet selection. Kowalski's, Surdyk's, St. Paul Cheese Shop/France 44, Lunds on Lake St. ...

      Of course it could not hurt to pick them up on the way, via a quick stop for summer sausage & one or two of the terrific smoked fish options at Northern Waters Smokehaus in the Dewitt building in downtown Duluth. Russ Kendall's on Rte. 61 just before Two Harbors is also good -- good enough that if I had to choose between either sausage or fish I might just agree to beef jerky stix from the gas station and brown sugar-cured fish from RK.

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        Thanks for the terrific suggestions. Great ideas.

    2. I am not sure when you are going, but if you have time on Wed. afternoon between 2 and 5pm, the University of Minnesota "Meatlab" has very good jerky and summer sausage for very reasonable prices. (

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        What a great idea! Thanks Laura