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Jul 24, 2012 02:23 PM

Dollar Oysters


I am a big fan of Dollar Oyster happy hours. I know that milliseme has one between 5- 8. Anyone know of any others throughout the city?(particularly midtown)

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  1. Try Mermaid, and Five Points

      1. I noticed that Upstate on 1st Ave. has 6 oysters and a beer for $12, haven't tried it yet.

        1. Grand Central Oyster Bar just started doing a happy hour that will supposedly last through 2013.

          $1.25 oysters, $4 beers
          $6 wines, $8 martinis, and appetizer specials.
          Mon-Wed 4:30-7pm
          Sat 1-5pm
          In the Saloon and Lounge

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          1. re: rhodes553

            Any idea if the deal applies only to blue points?

          2. Not in Midtown, but the Dalloway on Broome St. has very very good dollar oysters from 5-7.