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Large format dinners in Boston

I've seen the Pig Roast thread and found a bunch of places that offer the Pig Roast in Boston. I'm wondering are there any other dinners like the Pig Roast that Citizen's offers in Boston? And if anyone knows of big dinners for lamb or maybe to mimic the NYC MaPache Beef 7 ways dinner?

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  1. Hoping to bump this discussion back up; any thoughts?

    1. In mentioning pig roasts, I take it you mean for a larger group, say, eight or more people, as opposed to just two (of which there are many) or a few (of which there are some).

      For a group of eight, I might pre-order Peking ducks at China King; one feeds three to four diners. Mary Chung doesn't serve the most traditional Chinese food, but its banquet-style dinners are fun and a serious bargain (and they serve beer).


      1. Taberna de Haro had a couple of options and you can put together your own table for it.


        Tuesday "cochinillo asado" (roasted suckling pig), and Thursday, "cabrito asado" (roasted baby goat).

        And to be sure there will be great Spanish wine on offer.


        1. You can order ahead at Hong Kong Eatery. One pig w/sides stuffed 9 of us.

          1. There's 7 Course Beef or Bo 7 Mon at Anh Hong in Dorchester, but I don't know of any Lamb equivalents. I am willing to bet Ma Peche's Beef Seven Ways was inspired by this traditional Vietnamese classic.

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              Anh Hong does 7 courses of fish as well - also delicious.

            2. Is Grotto still doing a seasonal "Big Night" party?

              1. Belly Wine Bar does an Arm and a Leg dinner. We had a good pork version before. This winter it's 4 courses of duck, including whole roasted, for 4-8 people.

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                  West Bridge has large format lamb and pork dishes. I think they feed 2-3.

                2. Estragon will (or used to) serve a whole pig's head if you call in advance.

                  Deets here (from a 2009 post):

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                    I think Craigie also does pigs head or whole chicken for two.

                  2. Posto is supposed to have a large pig roast (an article form 2 years ago priced it at $425 for up to 12 people).

                    I was not a huge fan of the citizen's pig roast, as the skin was quite leathery. the meat and sides were fine.

                    Unfortunately, i've been told that the Posto pig roast suffers the same flaw (and its understandable, skin is hard to get right esp when doing a whole pig), so perhaps keep that in mind if considering, though, again, that's not from personal experience, fwiw.

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                      I did the Posto pig roast several years ago when they first introduced it. I don't know its quality these days or its price, but we did it with 22 people -- two pigs! -- and they served the pig as ribs, loin, pizza, and the head / trotters / tail served separately. The skin was crispy and everything was terrific.