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Jul 24, 2012 01:48 PM

Legal Harborside 2nd floor

Anyone been there? Is it worth it? It's my birthday, and my husband made a reservation there.

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  1. Probably too late for the birthday you asked this about, but hopefully you'll be having another birthday this year.

    We went there on Saturday for my mom's b-day. Definitely a more expensive outing that we are accustomed to, but we were 100% pleased. From the friendly valet to the great table (by the window) to the helpful waiter to the visits from the GM or manager, the service could not have been better.

    The food was excellent. Didn't think you could improve upon the homarus americanus, but smoking it for a couple of hours made it amazing (and even better, cold, the next morning). I had the "Tomahawk steak", which was described to me as "a petite 32 ounce cut". It was basically the Flintstones cut, with the bone sticking off the plate, and was cooked perfectly. Big enough that I had a great lunch on Sunday after heating it for a few minutes in a frying pan.

    They knew it was mom's b-day, so comped one the shared dessert we had, and wrote "Happy birthday" in dark chocolate on the plate. Even brought over a card signed by the waiter, maitre'd, and someone else as a final touch.

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      signed card: wow.

      ETA: pre-printed and corporate would have turned me off, but this seems sweet.

      1. re: enhF94

        It was just a nice touch that I've never seen anywhere before. Handwritten and signed card given to my mom. She appreciated it and we all thought it was a nice gesture.