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Jul 24, 2012 01:32 PM

Non-omakase sushi

I've seen many threads about the best sushi in Manhattan - Masa, Yasuda, 15 East, etc.

However, what about a slightly less authentic and less-pricey meal - mostly rolls, some good appetizers (rock shrimp, gyoza, etc, etc)? I'm thinking places like Nobu, Blue Ribbon, etc, where you can get a reasonable meal with high quality ingredients for say $40-50/pp. What would be some other great examples? I realize some of the omakase-centric places (like Neta, etc) also offer varied and reasonably-priced a la carte menus, so include those too.

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  1. Nobu is not reasonable no matter what you order. Blue Ribbon Izakaya has many good dishes to order other than sushi. Neta,as you said, you can order the dishes you want, although several are not inexpensive i.e. the toro caviar dish. That being said, Takahachi in Tribeca has many creative rolls, Passage to India Roll, volcano roll, and Bee Story Roll are all good ones. They also have gyoza, shumai, salmon teriyaki etc etc....... Aki Sushi on W. 4th , has many Jamaican style rolls and more,,,,, Sushi Samba has lots of good ceviches, and skewers.... Morimoto might suit your needs,,,,,,,,,Hasaki has a good assortment of rolls,,,,,,,, Takahachi in East Village has what you want,,,,,,Sushi Gari, aside from his "modern style omakase" which you might enjoy,,, has a la carte rolls at $4.50 a roll,,, he also has tempura,,, shumai, fired oysters, fried chicken , fried tofu,,,salads,, noodles,,,, etc etc The place on 3rd ave and 11th or 12th on the Northwest corner ,,where LAN used to be,,, is a new Japanese restaurant with lots of good rolls ( i forgot the name) the chef was the chef at Takahachi.