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Jul 24, 2012 12:08 PM

Appetizer Size Corn Tortillas

I'm having a party in a couple of weeks and want to do an appetizer Kogi type taco -- bbq Korean short ribs, hoisin sauce, chiffonade cabbage, batons of cucumber and carrot, some siraccha and maybe a little Mexican crema to balance it all out. I want to put it on like a 4 inch corn tortilla, but I can't find any in the usual places. Can you please help me out? Thanks.


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  1. Any Mexican mercado should have the small tortillas for making tacos. I guess if you can't locate any you can use a ring mold, or anything round (like a tuna can) that has an edge thant would cut them down to the size you want.

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    1. Tortillas are made by machine, and unfortunately that exact small size isn't common. The best thing to do is get SUPER fresh taco sized tortillas and then use a biscuit cutter to give them a little trim.

      Save the scraps and use to make tortilla soup (Which goes great with tacos! :))


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        Thanks guys. Maybe I'll just cut em out of regular sized tortillas and fry up the excess for chips.


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          Top Valu on Inglewood near Culver Blvd now carries the small tortillas. They make it fresh and many people here like their tortillas. Pack of 5 dozen for $1.69.

          1. re: Jase

            I know, they are the taco size. But I think they are a bit larger than the 4 inches the OP was looking for...


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              I need my eyes checked then. LOL! I had just gotten a pack a couple of days ago and looked at it before posting. Thought it was four inches. (The rest of you get your mind out of the gutter about guys inability gauge size with just their eyes)

            2. re: Jase

              And if you go there on a weekend morning, you can usually get a bag straight out of the machine.

              I sometimes stop there on the way home from the Farmer's Market.

          2. Cardenas market carries small ones. You get a bunch for like a $1.89. Also, the brand Guerrero also makes the small ones but many places do not carry them. Northgate market also has the small ones too. I would go to Cardenas or Northgate or the suggested Vallarta above.

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              Thanks everybody. Before I start cutting up tortillas I think I'll try the Vallarta's in Van Nuys. Looks like they make em fresh there.


              1. re: PeteEats

                Vallarta carries them, as does Valley Produce in Simi Valley. I've also saw some (different brand) at Whole Foods in Porter Ranch over the weekend, in the refrigerated case.

            2. I saw them at the Commerce Costco Business Center last week.