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Jul 24, 2012 11:36 AM

thai flat rice noodles

i'm looking for fresh ones to make pad see ew...does anyone know where to buy them in brooklyn, queens, or manhattan?

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  1. I've been looking for these as well...
    I was going to try Bangkok Center Grocers 104 Mosco street or Udom Grocery at 81Bayard but I haven't a chance yet. Let me know if you have any success there.

    1. You're best off going to these noodle/tofu houses. I only know of two in Manhattan. One is:

      The second one has moved recently. It's on Grand between Mott and Elizabeth (North side of the street). I don't know the name, but the women who run it used to be on Grand and Bowery.

      There's one in Brooklyn on 8th Ave in the high 50s. Sorry don't remember the exact streets. Not a store, but some women selling them in front of a store.

      Haven't come across one in Queens yet but I'm sure they are out there somewhere.

      Bangkok Center Grocers or Udom Grocery will not carry them. Occasionally you may find them at some Chinese grocery stores, but I wouldn't recommend it as they will be refrigerated. Once the noodles are refrigerated, they stiffen up and don't behave properly. You should prepare your dish the day you purchase the noodles.

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        found em at tung woo co! a dollar for a pound. awesome. i'm making pad see ew every night.

        1. re: mellinlikethefruit

          Oh, I didn't know that they carried rice noodles there. Good to know, especially when I'm not in the mood to deal with the surliness @ the Grand Street store between Mott and Elizabeth. Thanks!