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Jul 24, 2012 11:26 AM

Paradise Grille North Coastal reopened?

I've been told that the Paradise Grille has reopened on the coast further north than Del Mar. Anyone know the current status? I have been unable to find anything on the net.

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  1. Pacific Coast Grill has reopened in the old Charlie's location in Cardiff (not sure if that is what you are thinking of). Friend of ours was a consultant on the redesign so we checked it out on Saturday. The space is very nicely redone but the food is not worth the price of parking.

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      There is a Paradise Grill in the Flower Hill Mall. It hasn't moved, but the mall is undergoing a major remodel. It sounds like you are describing PCG however. If you are looking for Paradise Grill, their food is not even as good as PCG.