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Jul 24, 2012 10:37 AM

Where to go for authentic Greek in Astoria or elsewhere now that my favorite Aegean Cove has closed!

Now that I have learned that my favorite Greek restaurant has closed I need some new recommendations for some authentic Greek food - prefer great grilled fish - a place that takes reservations - we have been to Tellys and Stamatis already and didn't love either of these places. Thanks

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  1. I think med grill in Whitestone on willets is excellent, and their seafood is very fresh, great octopus, and calamari, too. --even their spinach pie is great--cute little place, and they will take reservations

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      1. Well, we wrote off Elias Corner years ago and then wrote off Taverna Kyclades a year or so ago. Then we went back to Kyclades last week and had some very nice fresh fish and grilled calamari. The octopus at the next table looked good as well. The potato chips were crisp, the salad fresh, the price decent. It's back on our list.

        Elias, on the other hand, is still off unless others think it worth a visit again?

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          My friend who lives out there has told me to try OPA and Zenon Taverna.