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Jul 24, 2012 10:37 AM

Manna House Korean Arlington Top Notch

Thanks to various hounds who suggested this place.

I would say easily amongst the best Korean I've had in Boston (though admittedly this town is particularly weak in that regard.)

Had Pork Bokum, which was a great execution if a bit different than my former fav, the version at the now defunct Shilla in Harvard Square.

Also had the Kalbi Bento. Perfectly done meat, nice salad, nice tempura.

Also the panchan were great, including tiny marinated dried anchovies.

Given an itch for Korean food I can't think of a place in Boston I would rank higher. A bit homey, a bit rustic, certainly not Astoria Queens, or even Korea Town in Manhattan, but excellent for beantown... how have I missed this place all these years?

Manna House

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  1. Westborough Korean Family Restaurant is also very homey and excellent. But it's a hike, well worth it, though. The banchan spread is enormous. The cooking is a very clear image of unadulterated Korean dishes, there are no shortcuts or modifications. They cook on the level of a kitchen twice their size with a swat team of handlers, managers, runners, cooks, etc. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a really tight team of 3 or 4.

    Haven't been back to Manna in quite some time, I thought it was decent. It seemed a bit crossover with Japanese things mixed in, with competent execution, but nothing really shined for me personally. Great choice for Arlington/North Cambridge. I enjoyed it. While that is damning praise, I think it could a contender for best Korean north of the Charles, although Koreana still goes strong.

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      I've always been underwhelmed by Koreana. Sounds like I need a trip to Westborough.

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        Check out nab and another Adams posts bout westborough. I've only been lucky enough to tag along to a few samples but it's off the hook.

        Edited to add: sorry for the sloppy iPhone punctuation. I know you can parse it.

    2. just looked at the menu, no eel okdul bimbimbap and no Yook Hwei (spelled many ways this is just one). Misses some of the things I look for, do they do the cold noodle dishes?