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Everett Lunch...save me!

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So, I just started a job in Everett. To be honest, the commute is not that bad and the job is great! However, I feel like I am in a foodie nightmare. I am right downtown and I can't seem to find a decent place to nosh at noon. I take that back, there is a place with AWESOME pizza (Brooklyn Brothers), but who can eat pizza everyday. I've tried. So far, my office-mates have tried to share their favorite joints, but I have been pretty disappointed. HELP!

And yes, I have been to Terra Cotta Red and it is delish. However, I only get an hour and it is off the beaten path.

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  1. I like Bobby's Hawai'ian, but then I'm biased...


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Checked out the menu and have one question: kalua or lau lau?

      1. re: seatowner

        Both are 'ono, but I favor the laulau there. Ka pua'a kalua is good, but maybe not like Peter's at Kaua'i Family. The katsu's really good, and the mac salad's dakine. Solid all around.


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Just got back from lunch with some office-mates. We tried the lumpia (yum!) and chicken katsu. You were right on about the mac salad...so good. I am excited to try new things every time. Next time, I will schedule time for a nap directly after Bobby's.

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            A'ole pilikia, glad you liked it. Just mauka up the street is a Central American place, I think it's called Sol or somesuch. Had a few really good meals there, too.


    2. Have you tried El Paraiso (Mexican), Katie's (diner) and Barney's Pastrami (take out... outside of downtown)?

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        Just picked up my first Barney's Pastrami...WOW. I will add it to my list of great finds in Everett. Huge food! The pickles were a brilliant touch to an already super sandwich.

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          I'm glad you enjoyed the place. I've been meaning to go when I'm in the area, but I keep driving pass it and eventually give up.

          On the other end of the yummy spectrum, there is a Wienerschnitzel in that area too. A couple times a year, I crave a corn dog and chili cheese fries.

      2. The New Mexicans, on Hewitt, is new and very good. Curry Bistro for the lunch buffet. The Irishmen, the Depot Cafe, Fish Tail Pub, Buck's American and the Majestic are all good places right down town.