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Jul 24, 2012 09:48 AM

Thumbs down for Lenox Coffee Shop

I called this morning to ask if they could hold two cinnamon rose pastries for me Sunday morning, explaining I lived over the mountain in NY, and wanted them for a friends birthday.
The response was a terse "we don't do that, you need to have the manager approve." When I asked for the manager, she said he was not in.
When I asked when he would be available, she said he was on vacation. I then had to ask when he would return, and was told next week.
I found it about the rudest I have been treated in ages. As the gal at home caring for her husband who is just home from surgery, I will drive the extra distance and go down to Cakewalk in Lee, where the psstry is made, and where I've always been treated kindly and respectfully.

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