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Jul 24, 2012 09:39 AM

Solo female traveller coming to Chicago looking for dining recs

Excited to be be coming to Chicago again from NYC. Coming solo for business and looking for fun, upbeat restaurants with excellent food and a great bar area as I like to eat there when alone. Staying in the Gold Coast area. Love Thai/Asian food! Thanks for your help. Been to Paris Club, Hub 51, Girl and Goat, Purple Pig, Wildfire already.

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  1. Consider jumping on the Red Line train and getting off at Sheridan for TAC Quick. Excellent Thai; good specials on the chalkboard.
    Or if you want to stay near the Gold Coast, Sable has good food and cocktails, though it's not Asian.

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      I would consider Sunda, Slurping Turtle, or, if you are willing to take a cab, Yusho. Yusho is in Logan Square, a very trendy neighborhood these days with several fun options for food and drink. I agree with the suggestion to venture out of the downtown (River North/Magnificent Mile) area, just as most Hounds wouldn't only eat in Midtown Manhattan. With all due respect to Camusman, who consistently gives awesome input, I would not recommend Tac Quick for the OP. While the food is authentic, well-executed, and cheap, it is BYOB so there is no bar, and I think of it as more of a neighborhood joint than a destination for a solo diner from out of town. There is also nothing of interest to see in its immediate vicinity, unless you are going to Wrigley Field, which is two blocks and one train stop away.

      1. re: GourmetWednesday

        Thanks GW. There is a seating area at TAC that is like a bar, but I forgot they are BYOB. I still think the OP would enjoy it, but Yusho is a good idea. I'm assuming that she would not insist on a "fun bar area" in most Asian restaurants, so I'll also mention Argyle Street for Vietnamese and Chinatown for Szechuan.

        1. re: GourmetWednesday

          Yusho is a must and worth the trip from downtown. They have counter seating facing an open kitchen, and the cocktails are excellent. When else do you get a Charlie Trotter veteran cooking Japanese small plates and yakitori, inspired by Asador Etxebarri in Spain? I only wish I could transplant Yusho wholesale into the East Village. (My husband even held that it blows Yakitori Totto out of the water.)