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Jul 24, 2012 08:54 AM

Lively dinner for 4

Hi Everyone,

Firstly ,thanks as this board has been a great resource in he past and am hoping for a little help on the following question.

Four mid to late thirties guys have a yearly trip away from families and land in an American city for a music festival, eating and drinking. Did New Orleans last year and had such a great time we've decided to return in October for Voodoo / Halloween weekend.

Question - of the great New Orleans restaurants which would be more appropriate for a lively, well lubricated group of gentlemen to have a great meal without being too much of a bother to surrounding dinners? Now we are all adults so not suggesting it's an appearance of a group of falling over frat boys but we are also unlikely to be looked upon fondly in a room filled with couples having a quiet romantic dinner either.

Last year we did Galatoire's for dinner and August for lunch, both of which we really enjoyed. We've already booked CP for lunch this year and are trying to determine our Thursday night big dinner. As we are all from cities with strong and varied dining options we only want to eat somewhere that the menu is if not quintisential New Orleans is at least heavily influenced by New Orleans or Louisiana traditions (crole/cajun).

Price is not a concern nor is dress code as we will have suits in tow if needed.

Any advice is much appreciated

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  1. "Lively and well-lubricated" is a description of Galatoire's but f you don't want to repeat that...and I would...then Clancy's fits the bill. The small room to the right of the bar might fit. I had a good banquet-type meal at Antoine's in April..although I should have had the filet rather than the steak special..and they have private rooms where you can be hidden (the room with the stain glass window comes to mind but it might be a little close for you. I think of it as a more romantic dinner a deux sort of place). I thinkit is possible to have a good time and not be TOO loud for the people around you. But we were flogged around the fleet for misbehaving when I was a boy so my solution to Bad Behavor is likley to be seen as Draconian.

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      Thanks, will look at Clancy's. People seem to feel Antoine's has lost a step from what I've been reading both here and on other boards, is that the case? Just to clarify I don't think we'll be obnoxiously loud (at least not to the point of requiring flogging) but we will be four men turned loose in one of America's great cities with any semblance of responsibility thousands of miles away. It's more that we don't want to be in a place so quiet that our maybe louder than avg table will ruin a potentially special occasion dinner for those next to us. A return trip to Galatoire's may not be a bad idea either, it was the perfect restaurant for our group last time, I think we were hoping to try something different but someimes when it's right it's right.

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        The general belief on Antoine's is that it sufferd somewhat before Katrina but that the urgency to rebound after the flood put them on top of their game. There was great concern it would not revive and I'm glad it came through. It is one of the great party places in town but it might be better if you went with a regular. On the other hand, maybe you are the kind of guys who can "break in" on your own. It is possible and done all the time.

        The thing about Galatoire's is that you can go any time. You can go for Famous Waiters such as John..he'll keep you amused or, as I recommend, stop in a day before,. speak to Arnold or one of the other folks on teh door and see who;d theyd recommend for your particular group.

        The same works for Clancy''s The room I mentioned is just off the bar and the bar in there is always loud. Problem is you are restricted by the times it is open. And you'd need a cab back to downtown..or streetcar. Wouldn;t be the first time four guys have been tipsy on the St Charles Line. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I've been on the streetcar in White Tie after Carnival functions