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Jul 24, 2012 08:19 AM

Burger's Priest now only serves overcooked burgers!

I was distraught when I recently was told very rudely by employees at the Queen east location that I could only have my burger cooked medium well. To me, overcooking meat is sacrilegious. I stopped eating burgers in Canada for 10 years until BP came along and happily served rare burgers (a testament to the quality of their meat).

A few weeks ago, the cashier and a cook both said I could only get my meat overcooked, when I asked why the policy had changed, they basically had no answer and rudely asked if I still wanted it (they also very rudely dismissed a customer -burger geek type- who asked a couple of questions about the process-- and no, it was not at all busy at the time).

I then when on their Facebook page to ask why the policy had changed, and my question was simply deleted and I got no answer. (pretty rude in my view) It's unfortunate as I have been singing their praises since day one as the only place one can get a good burger (loosely packed, griddle cooked) in all of Canada. I suspect they are mainstreaming to franchise and that's great for them, but sucks fr the people who want proper burgers.

Can anyone recommend a griddle cooked, coarse and loosely packed burger joint that still serves rare burgers?

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  1. I believe it's an Ontario law to cook ground meat to 71degrees C.

    There was a recent discussion about food safety here:

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    1. re: Apprentice

      Thanks Apprentice. I am aware of the 'law'. It is complaints driven enforcement so unless they had complaints I'm not sure why they changed their policy and why they chose to be opaque about the change. Personally, I take risks for pleasure everyday and can order steak tartarre in many restaurants in Toronto so it makes no sense to apply the law to burgers.

      1. re: Norm1966

        They probably had complaints from someone that they either pissed off, or a competitor, perhaps... if you had a choice between losing your business and serving 'undercooked' burgers, which would you choose?

        1. re: justxpete

          Well said jxp,

          Sadly, either of your two choices are exactly what the TBP's competitors would be happy with.

          BTW 71C is 160F. I don't think my instant read thermometer can go that high.

          Leaving for NYC this weekend and can't wait to try a burger from Corner Bistro, Burger Joint, or IMHO "The Best Burgers" at JG Melon Old Time Tavern...

    2. Its too bad that they only thing they had going for them (serving raw meat) has been taken away!

      1. Folks, if you've got an experience at Burger's Priest to share, that's fine, but please try to focus your attention on that, rather than speculating about what their health practices might be or on making personal comments about how other users have chosen to post.

        1. The original comment has been removed