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Jul 24, 2012 08:18 AM

Chinese restaurant for large group dinner in the Peninsula?

Hi Chowhounds,

I'm looking for a good Chinese restaurant for a Chinese banquet style meal in the Peninsula. My future in-laws (who are Cantonese) will be in town from NJ and they will be meeting my family for the first time.

What's a spot that is decently impressive with good food?

I am thinking about Zen Peninsula in Millbrae, ABC Seafood in Foster City or Dynasty in Cupertino (I know, not exactly the Peninsula.)

Thanks, everyone for the recommendations!!!

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  1. Koi Palace in Daly City.

    1. I know I might be in the minority but ABC has terrible service and the food I had was mediocre - in fact my experience was so bad that even tho it is 5 minutes from my house I've not been back
      Zen (even tho a 20-30 minute drive) has me returning often. Really friendly service, amazing food, excellent prices to boot! I've often seen large parties (even weddings) which they seem to handle well and my only regret is that I haven't been able to try more of their delicious food.

      1. Skip Dynasty and ABC for sure.

        Zen, Koi Palace, and maybe even HK Flower Lounge would be better contenders. Koi Palace if you want to really impress with seafood and upper end quality.

        Just remember that banquet set menus are there to help make ordering less of a hassle, but you can still order your entire dinner a la carte (or let your guests pick some dishes), or make an arrangement with management ahead of time if there are dishes you would like (or pre-order something that might either be seasonal or off menu), to fit your budget.

        1. In line with Koi Palace and Zen Pen, I'd also suggest Peninsula Asian Pearl in Millbrae. I believe Asian Pearl has a side area that can be partitioned off for about three or so tables of 10.

          1. ABC, banquet experience; food was good, service was terrible, parking difficult.