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Jul 24, 2012 08:14 AM

Pain D'Avignon for Dinner

We buy a lot of bread from these folks and keep talking about going for dinner. Would like to get some feedback on the new chef now that Tobey Hill went to 586 Bistro. TIA.

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  1. Was there two Saturdays ago for drinks and dessert (8:00-ish?)
    The place was packed, inside and out. The plates I saw looked very nice, there was a man at the bar letting the bartender pick his meal, it all sounded great, he was happy. We plan on dinner next time we're back.

    (Not a great assessment, sorry, hope someone else can chime in.)

      1. Despite having no response we dined at Pain D'Avignon last night. There were four of us and we sat inside on the side of the bar where you could see the bakers working. That is a nice view for me though others might not thinks so.

        We started with cocktails from their limited bar. No Drambuie for my DH's Rusty Nail or Grey Goose for my aunt. Otherwise no problems.

        My aunt had a half dozen oysters- Chatham & Cape Cod Bay which came with both mignonette and cocktail sauce. My DH had the tuna tartare which was fabulous as were my clams with a tomato sauce. My uncle had the special cold soup which was watermelon with yogurt and mint. I didn't taste that but my uncle liked it.

        For plats-my uncle had the roast chicken which he said was good (he isn't a sharer). My aunt had the steak frites. The frites were a little underdone but after a couple of minutes the server came with another order saying the kitchen thought they weren't up to specs. I had the scallops with the local vegetable succotash. I was a little afraid it would come with large lima beans which I don't care for but the succotash was wonderful as were the scallops. My husband had the special of filet with an au poivre sauce which was very good.

        Since we munched on the wonderful bread we were too full for dessert. The service was fine. We will go back.

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          Forgot to mention we were given a loaf of bread with the bill (though not included). We receive a loaf of Italian and my aunt inquired if she could get a loaf of the Franchese that they were serving. The waitress went to check and came back and said no but have a loaf of Rye.