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Jul 24, 2012 07:17 AM

suggestions for bakery pick up in brooklyn..

will be in brooklyn in boro park for an appt, and headed to an outdoor pool party at friends house in marine park, can anyone suggest something good bakery wise to bring for a group of about 12 people--it can be anywhere within 15-20 minutes from boro park, as I'm being dropped there and then picked up in 45min-to an hour..and then we'll head to marine park.....i've tried several of the kosher bakeries, Kaff on Ft. Hamilton, not very good, and some of them on 16th ave, korn's which made overly syrupy babka, very cheap inferior ingredients, some the pastries were ok though..but nothing wowed me--how is Weiss's in comparison? And what about ostrovsky in midwood? other than kosher is fine also..just looking for something really good....want to bring a combo of things...thanks---live in queens, btw

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  1. should i send my husband to villabate in bensonhurt haven't been there in a very long time...what is best there--i'm not sure I want a cake...make just pastries

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      Yes. Go to Villabate. Their pastries are exceptional.

    2. I think Ostrovitsky's is great, although I must admit that my experience is primarily on the Bread side of their offerings.

      1. The best bakery in Brooklyn is Almondine on Water Street. About 1/2 hour from Borough Park if there is traffic. In the area near Borough Park, go to Chiffon Bakery on Ave P. They have a good selection of cakes, especially their Russian coffee cake which they bake on Thursdays.

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          i ended up at villabate, lovely italian woman helped mini cannolis, 3 different kinds, absolutely perfect and lovely cream puffs...they had an assorted mini pastry collection, but I wasn't crazy about how it looked..this was great..we also got some almond cookies that were out of this world and some lemon drop cookies, also very good--and some fig and date cookies, again, very good. Their cakes looked very pretty, what's the best cake they make there? --will have to get to Ostrovitzky and report back...quite a while back we went to Chiffon, I believe before they moved, and didn't care for what we got there...again, the best Jewish style bakery for me is Wall's in Hewlett, and I've yet to find its match in brooklyn as of yet...but I'm trying...

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