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Jul 24, 2012 07:11 AM


In a market with mid East, Egyptian products I found a product called Mallow. It was in the form of dried leaves. The employee said it was cooked and served with chicken and rice. Is there a somewhat equivilant taste i.e. minty or spinachy? How to cook the dried product. He said it needed to be soaked. I was intrigued and wondered if any of the chowhounds could help.

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  1. There are many types of mallow and I do not know which one is used in Egyptian cooking. I do know that the Marsh Mallow used to be used in the fluffy white sweet things with the same name.

    It may be this type of mallow

    1. Mloukhieh, or Jew's Mallow, is sort of an Egyptian national dish that every Egyptian claims his mother makes the best. If you're not a native, its definitely an acquired taste -- I've heard it referred to as slime soup -- the herb/vegetable is slippery & mucilaginous.

      1. The dried leaves you found are called molokhia in Arabic. The taste is similar to spinach with a more bitter flavor and mucilaginous texture, particularly when dried and then reconstituted. Here are a couple links to get you started:

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          Thank you so much JungMann and, rjbh20 Thinking of okra in terms of mucilaginious. The box called it Jew's Mallow. Unlike US packaged products, it was loose in the box. Perhaps I will find it in a mid east restaurant and can try it there. I will also try the websites.