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Jul 24, 2012 06:08 AM

baby-friendly dinner downtown

Does anyone have suggestions for a quiet and baby-friendly restaurant downtown with excellent food? Two of my friends want to celebrate their birthdays, but we're having trouble thinking of appropriate choices, given that our group will have a 6-mo.-old in tow. (Price range $15-$30 a plate.)

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  1. "Downtown" takes in quite a bit of territory. So, it would be helpful if you would be more specific about which neighborhood(s) you prefer. Will this be for lunch or dinner? What day of the week? I'd also add that "quiet" and "baby-friendly" do not generally go together.

      1. The smith on 3rd ave between 10th and 11th is excellent for this. We have a 7mo old and have been there multiple times. There is enough white noise that either a)your baby will sleep perfectly or b) nobody else there will hear her scream.

        1. Hi, thanks for these suggestions! Regarding the question of "where downtown," we're quite open on the question of location and more concerned with the baby question. This would be for a Tuesday evening dinner. And "quiet" and "baby-friendly" have to go together here, since we don't want the baby upset, for example, by loud music.

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            Actually, my thinking was the other way around, i.e., dinners who pick a quiet restaurant would be upset by a wailing baby.

            If it's only loud music that concerns you, I would recommend Maialino. Since it's located in the Gramercy Park Hotel, the staff is used to families dining there. It is fairly lively, but there is no loud music.