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Jul 24, 2012 02:37 AM

Grocery Stores in Rome Center?

I'm looking for the biggest and/or best place to buy groceries in the center of Rome. I'm here for two more days and love to buy various portable Italian grocery items (mayo, tuna, etc.) to bring home with me. I know there is one on either side of Campo dei Fiori. Are those the best ones? Thanks!

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  1. When i lived near Campo this was my grocery store spot. It is pretty big with a large selection.

    If you are looking for things to bring back with you - Roscioli on via Guibonnari is packed with italian gourmet treats.

    A bit further afield but well worth the trek is the brand new Eataly

    1. if you are looking for italian specialties, as opposed to italian supermarket staples (there's a place for both) its worth a ride or (long) walk down to volpetti on via marmorata. Otherwise, is you are staying around the Campo, and want to stay close, roscioli is a useful source. there are small supermarkets all over the place if you simply want local brand type items.