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Jul 23, 2012 09:38 PM

Sunny Shanghai in San Bruno RIP

Tonight I had a desire for some XLB since Ihave not had any for a while (Since CNY) and wanted some.

I was shocked that I saw something in it place.

This seem to be a BBQ Beijing style. Serving sticks of meats.

The BBQ was like that I had in Beijing itself. Crispy, Burnt (in good way) I had a selection of beef, lamb and chicken. It was good.

We had dumplings and red cooked beef noodles.

I was less that impressed with the noodles and dumplings. But the sticks of meat was something I would returned too. I think this a eatery like some places in Northern China where people drink beer and eat meat.

I did read that the old owners had to sell do to poor health and reopen in the East Bay later. This was reported on Yelp. Hope others in the East Bay be on the look out.

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  1. is the name still Sunny Shanghai?

    something doesn't add up. family health problems forces them to sell. their health will improve in a few months. will reopen in the bay area.

    -sounds like a prospective new competitor is coming to san bruno or nearby.........

    (or biz slow and they're getting out of the area)
    -oh, liked their xlb, one of the early ones i've tried.

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      Forgot to name it Smiling BBQ. No cards or takeout menus. I have no other information. The server English is not good so if you go it would be better if you speak Chinese.

      1. re: yimster

        We're seeing an outbreak of places serving up Beijing and/or Xinjiang style bbq skewers though not many reports here yet on them. Guess they represent the next immigration wave from China.

    2. It's a shame that Sunny Shanghai had to close. Loved their XLB and dan-dan noodles. Problem is ever time I went there for lunch the place was empty. I always wondered how they managed to stay open...Kind of like Little Yangon...

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        Little Yangon doubles as a sushi kitchen for supermarkets. While there haven't been many customers in the restaurant on my weekday visits, my sense is that the owner is a fairly savvy businesswoman and has figured out ways to do OK. Suspect the rent is not so high in that neighborhood, which probably helps.

      2. I was shocked to find Sunny Shanghai had closed when I drove down El Camino on Saturday. I will miss their XLB, sheng jian bao, and other goodies. I do hope they reopen.

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        1. re: manda

          My heart is broken. I loved Sunny Shanghai. Ching and her family are so kind and good to us each time we have dined there over the years. Once, when I had been gone for awhile, we both cried a little upon seeing one another. I wish them well.

        2. Sad. But at least we got to it once, last year, for a memorable meal.